Cat loves food… Part 2

I see I have much to catch up with, after a week of torment; I am back to civilization and gaining weight. Damn, I need another week of bootcamp.

Right, where was I? O, after that fantastic session of exotic dinner, Kenny brought me and Dominic for a drive around seven miles. We stopped at a hawker corner to have the best Teh Si Special (Kenny proclaimed) in Kuching.

What is so special about Teh Si Special? Well, first of all, it’s only available in East Malaysia. Secondly, normal Teh Si has two layers, milk and tea; Teh Si Special on the other hand, has three layers – milk, tea and gula Melaka! It’s ironic how come a West Malaysia product could end up producing an East Malaysian drink.

Being a Gula Melaka (Malacca Sugar) devoted fan, I have to try this drink.

Teh Si Special
Here’s to Teh Si Special

Dom and TSS
I like Teh Si Special

Kenny and TSS
ask you to pose with TSS very beh song is it~??

In this video, our all time favorite Kenny show you how to stir and drink Teh Si Special,

The mamak there should pay me loads with such advertisement for them.

After the drink, without delay, Kenny immediately drove us to another location for another famous local treat. Gee… Kenny, you really waste no time to feed us. Do you so desperately want to see me fat? I am, ok, I already am so overweight; no way in hell I need another extra pound.

Already bloated I was, I have to say, I was really glad Kenny introduced this other surprise that night.

white lady
I’m so full, but I wanna try~

White lady - the name of the drink, is officially my new found love in Kuching. It is so good, you can even finish the whole glass after feeling so sick of food and milk tea. The taste is sweet and a bit sour-ish, so it prompts your taste bud and go very easy on your stomach; probably one of the easiest sweet drinks to down. Heck, I even asked Dominic’s friend to ‘tabao’ the drinks for me so I can take back to Malaysia the day of my departure; though the drink only went as far as the airport before ended up in my tummy. :D

take photo
professional blogger at work

I love love, luurrvvee this drink! Anyone going back to Kuching and back here, please ta bao for me the drink k? Pretty please~~ I’m plug you here if you buy me the drink. That’s how much I’m so in love with it.

dom handling white lady
I seriously think Dom should try casting for food advert

The next morning, it was food again. -.-;; I think I might as well bang the wall and die, you tell everyone you’re dieting, and everybody else is trying their best to sabotage your desperate attempt.

It was early morning and the host brought us out for breakfast. I think I felt the white lady still swimming somewhere in my stomach. But anyway, guess what we had? It’s very famous in Kuching~

kolo mee
kolo mee!!!!!

I can’t comment on the taste, believe it or not, I haven’t tried it… YET. I just gazed away while the rest gobbled their scrumptious breakkie up. Yup, respect me, cause I have a commitment to my body!! ….. Can someone tabao this for me also when he/she return from his/her visit to Kuching?

At least Dom seems to be enjoying his meal.

Dom and mee

… …
I’m signing Dom up for an Advert casting…


I’m leaving for backpack trip to Thailand 18 hours from now. So I won’t be able to update my blog as frequent but will try my best to keep you all informed of my status. No photos in the mean time though.

Wish me all the best yo~


25 kissed Nicole

  1. Just giv me the list of goodies u wan & I tapao 4 u on my nex trip to Melaka.

  2. i'm 'overly' flattered >.< *shy + floating*

    yup... do have lotsa of fun time & sweet stay over in thailand ;). MISS U princess... hehe
    and be ready to share us with your travel-vlog sooon!

  3. and u tell me ur gonna be in KL when ur on ur way to thailand now? hmmm... weird.... no ta bao oreedi la like that... smelly oredi by the time i get it to u.. LOL!

  4. good food good food!! me travelling to melaka for charsiew and squat-at-longkang-to-eat-shellfish stall..........!!!

    you have a good one in thailand! take care!!

  5. Alvin, you tapao the ingredients of kolo mee for Nicole, like that the kolo mee won't be smelly liao ma :P

  6. Hey Nicole that bowl of kolo mee in your blog looks fantastic. Which kopi tiam is it? Makes me hungry just looking at it...

    If any of you Kuchingnian know which kopi tiam kindly give me some info..Thanks

    BTW: Nicole, Kenny should have brought you to Foody Goody for's in Kuching.

    Starving guy

  7. Kuchingite2729/4/07 9:18 AM

    Correct me if I'm wrong but it's the one around the Jalan Song Tabuan Jaya area. You know the one in the front parts of the Jalan Song Expert food court area.One of the shops there. Go try it.

  8. Thanks friend..will forthwith seek it out...

    Still Starving Guy

  9. Nic, heading to Thailand? Don't forget to try their fried insects!! And have a photo of you biting into a giant fried cockroach! Wuahahaha...Cheers babe!

  10. Nicole, where is the place to drink the white lady? Which part of kuching....?

  11. hiakz hiakz hiakz...wanna know the white lady stall?? it's near my house n 1 of the stall there is my parents' stall too hahaha...

    it's located at HUI SING HAWKER CENTRE [1 long row of stalls frm No.1-No.22, White Lady where Nicole had is No.17. tat's not the only stall having this drink, my recommandation is No.21 though :)]

    hmmm...i quite often read ppl's blog n owez follow up Nicole's blog too but never leave any comment, im here jz to keh po since the stall is the place which near my house a.k.a. a place where i grown up hohoho...

  12. hey lene do you know where is that particular kolo at? Thanks

  13. After I saw the Kolo mee, I began to feel really hungry =P

  14. Hey all, i went looking for the kolo mee today, couldnt find the damn thing..not at Jln Song but thanks anyways kuchingnite 27...had a bowl somewhere its just not the same...totally dissatisfied... :(

    For the love of nicole, pleaseeeeee someone help! Gotta find it!!!


    Fr: Nicole's kolo Mee Guy

  15. Anonymous said...
    hey lene do you know where is that particular kolo at? Thanks

    30/4/07 4:51 PM


    hmmm....really sorry coz i couldn't figure out where's the kolo mee stall located as well. (frm the back ground of the photo, i GUESS ONLY LA, maybe somewhere near Green Road but im not so sure) it's definately not in Hui Sing hehe...should ask kenny or nicole then :)

  16. Hey lene, thanks anyway for your help..


  17. Yay!!! I drank the white lady liao!!! Yummm!!! Also tried the coconut sugarcane...NICE!!! Will blog about it once I get my laptop virus ler, sien!

  18. Hey, my dear! We un call them 'mamak' in sarawak hor...

  19. Glad u enjoyed them as much as I did. :)

    Pardon my ignorance, but what do you call them? :p

  20. If you haven't tried Kolok Mee, you can't claim you have been to Kuching.

  21. Well, Nic, we dun call them anything at all...I also dunno what do we call them. Heheh!

  22. Lene, i tot the hui sing hawker centre is close for renovation...they r done with the renovation?

  23. Re: Nicole's picture KOLO MEE

    i think it's called Ah Ping Mee Stall...previously at Siang Siang, Tabuan Jaya but since moved...

    Thanks Nicole :)


  24. clement said...
    Lene, i tot the hui sing hawker centre is close for renovation...they r done with the renovation?

    6/5/07 12:03 AM


    *scratch my head* s i know Hui Sing Hawker Centre never close down for any renovation at all le...or u mistaken the position??? there's half Xiang Xiang closed down n bought over by H&L Supermarket lo. Hui Sing Hawker still doing their business le, it's bhind the Wan Jia Store..sorry for the late reply hehe...