Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

Why are you so angry? LOL. It tickles me to know that.

I don't really feel like typing much these. Don't really feel like expressing much, not to any of the people I don't really know anyway. Please, don't let me any of my meaningless, harmless words hurt you. That would be too precious.

Why would any thing as mediocre as me upset you? :)

Do you really care that much? Awe.

Bangkok city is and always has been a beautiful city. Coming here could be the best weekend consisting of shopping and massage and fine food. I realized I did enjoy shopping, a lot. Was stuck in a jam for nearly one and a half hour and surprisingly even that didn't disturb me. Other than the fact that I wasn't the driver nor the fact I just got out from an hour massage. But even the driver seemed relaxed, half way driving and stuck in jam, he got out of his car to look for his sniffer under his seat. Funny little guy.

Good god, look at the time, it's almost to dinner. And I have yet to shower and curl my hair. Time does wait for no one.

Speaking of MJ, someone sent me this link when I got online earlier.

On the page I saw two of Michael's photos, pretty alive and kicking, just 2 days before his sudden cardiac death. Surprised that he's looking really well despite his sharp nose, dancing on the stage on his coming concert.

Despite growing up from two Chinese schools (elementary and high school), my childhood idol has always been MJ. An odd from the bunch as everyone else was worshiping every other surviving Chinese artists back in those days. Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung, etc.

I know naught of their songs, admittedly, I thought there was something wrong with me. I never listened to Mandarin songs that much, even though none of my family members nor relatives conversed in English.

But I was a little fan girl, admittedly, when I was in my early teens, I was having intimate fantasy toward the king of pop.

I was too young to understand what was sex. Hence there was no wet dream of the sort, but I've always dreamt of meeting the king himself and through some miraculous way, form a family and get married with him.

I remembered my mom teasing me when we were in Disneyland back when I was in standard six and my mom and I were sitting in on a 3D studio watching a Michael Jackson cast movie. I was goggling, drooling if not, at the 3D Michael popping out in front of me, dancing so near me, and almost wanted to extend my hand and touched him, when I heard my mom teasing me non stop from the side.

I was angered with embarrassment. Blushing and always denied and claimed I was just watching the movie and was focusing on the background dancers and how amazing their dance techniques were.

The day I found out he got a lady pregnant (whom I know now was Deborah Jeanne Rowe) and married her, I was completely heart shattered. His news was all over the paper, it was the first time I paid so much attention to papers. Admittedly, for a 12 year old, I screamed from within that it should have been me! For he did pass by Malaysia on his History World Tour back in 1996.

After that, I decided to block out the fact that he's married and focused on my illusions, what if I went for the concernt, and that I was older and of age, and that we had one of those ridiculous fairy tale acquaintances where he spotted me from the stage and we had love at first sight and....etc.

Cut me some slacks.I was only 12 and in love.

I need not profess here how much I miss him, of my childhood crush and memory, of which newspaper cut-out I still keep in my drawers back in 1996 when he did his world tour in KL.

While the rest of the world shall jot down how amazing and what he has done in his life, his contribution to the music industry and history, being one of the first artists back in the 80's to cross over nation boundaries, to countries even in the middle east when satellite tv wasn't as popular. He was phenomenal, yes.

But he was my idol, my first crush, my childhood companion or fetish, and that's what it meant to me and for me.

Michael, this is a tribute to you.

I'll miss you gravely.

Millionaire to Brokeback Nicolekiss

Random photo:

my old hair

Been kinda missing my old hair lately.

But finding a lot of new and interesting hairstyle to do with my new do. Perfect timing to get my curler and creativity out. ;)

Did a fantastic do a week ago that made me looked almost like a Japanese girl, lack of petite frame gave me away. Sigh.

Three days ago I was a millionaire.

thick pile of money

Most people would be when they visit Bali.

Here's a photo of my thick pile of Rupiah, too thick to stuff into my Guess purse.

holding up my money

It's funny how some readers think Guess purse is worth showing off.

"ooo.. look. Nicole is flashing her Guess purse which I so carefully observed and scrutinized on her blog. She thinks she is so rich and all showing off her purse? I hate her for showing off a purse. Stop showing off your purse bitch!"

The comments made me laughed so hard I rolled on the floor.

Elo... Guess is worth showing off? You must've been outta your mind. It's not Juicy Couture or LV or Gucci ok? It's just freaking Guess. Everyone can own one.

Oh wait. You can't? Too bad for you then.

Landed in the land that has never been ruled before yesterday.

standing in bangkok airport
standing in Suvanabhumi Airport - Bangkok with my too-lazy-to-wear-fancy-pansy-on-plane outfit.

Got broke today.

platinum mall

After spending 5 hours shopping in Pratunam.
Shit, Bangkok is dangerous.

Just spent RM40 (400 baht) to go online from hotel room. Ouch.

What to do when you travel to a country where there's no free wifi in Starbucks.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kids today...

White Furry Poncho. Check.

Cute Japanese style side bangs. Check.

High Pony Tail. Check.

Stockings. Check.

Boots. Check.

Dress. Check.

cute baby chinese girl


Kids today dress up nicer than I did when I was 17.

WTF man.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Shenzhen: Window of the World - 世界之窗

I've always thought Shenzhen to be boring and unattractive.

Reading from Lonely Planet, it described the port town to be one of three most developed and biggest cities on mainland China (after Shanghai and Guangzhou), mainly due to the influence of it's neighbour first world Hong Kong.

Having been to Shanghai and Guangzhou, I was determined to cross over to Shenzhen from Hong Kong to judge this city myself.

hello kitty in Hong Kong train station
big Hello Kitty in the train station on the HK side

hello kitty lottery box
big Hello Kitty lottery roller

Knowing that there are one man to every six women ratio of the population here, it's not difficult to deduce the fact that Shenzhen is really a town of mistresses, assumely kept by Hong Kong male residents.

Other than its plain development, Shenzhen, to be honest, doesn't really have anything to offer other than sex and pubs.

But to create a few attraction to cater to the large tourists influx every year, there are a few places worth visiting here.

One of it would be Window of the World.

window of the world

tourists at window of the world
look at all the mistresses and their children tourists.

A very... very impressive theme park that has around 130 reproductions of the world's most famous tourist attractions, including seven wonders of the world.

The entrance itself it a reproduction of The Louvre (Museum) in Paris.

window of the world lourve glass structure

From the entrance you can clearly see a "miniature" size of the actual Eiffel Tower in Paris.

eiffle tower

Window of the World is the perfect example to showcase the best of trait of China -
that Chinese can "copy" almost anything.

gate of china
We are Chinese! Muahaha! We copy ourselves too!

Even at the entrance, it displayed different sculptures that represented different parts of the world:

different statues from around the world

India, Rome (Italy), Greece, Egypt, etc.

There's also some that showed the aboriginal origins culture.

weird mother statue

Which was... erm... rather... interesting. cough*saggingboobs*cough

posing with roman statues

Chinese shouting: "Hmph! Take that world! See how we copy the entire world down! All 130 of them! Even your damn Eiffel tower and Venus de Milo!"

Among all the statues, I thought the Hindu Goddess statue was impressive. The carvings skill, the impersonation, the posture, how it represented all the right godly features.

indian goddess

From whichever angle.

indian goddess toosh

Very... Impressive.

It does makes me wonder, and anticipate how China see us Malaysia as...

eiffle tower and globe in windows of the world

You know, how important and impressive Malaysia culture and architectures are to the world through the Chinese's eyes.

Only to realize, after looking at this photo for a few minutes,

eiffle tower and globe

we've kinda been overlooked in their global perspectives.

no malaysia globe

"Where the F*ck is Malaysia?!"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Photo Taken with Kiss Camera

Short note: flying to Bali today. Bali bali bali bali.

So yes, I bet you guys are wondering what great achievement I have done so far with my great Canon 500D, also affectionately known as the Kiss Camera.

It was a fun session, spontaneous? yes. humourous? yes yes. disgusting? err.... probably.

It was my attempt to make my own Hong Kong French Toast,

which was, eh hem....

an utter failure. T_T

disgusting french toast

A reader of mine once commented that the most revolting thing can be best shown with the best quality of photo, which also means, a good camera, and make the most revolting thing, looks even more, err... revolting?

failed hk french toast

Sick, I know. I'm a sick person. Deal with it.

Agree with me though, that sometimes the best photos are the ones that can show the most repulsive side of things.

peanut butter goo

I dare you to eat that!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My New Toy - Kiss Digital X3

Also known here in Malaysia as the Canon 500D.

brand new canon 500D in box

Ha ha! Finally I have my very own DSLR!

Now feel jealous non-big-ass-camera-owners!


Unboxing something new always feels like you're stripping for the very first time in front of your boyfriend.

No wait, or was it the other around?

canon 500D with lens kit

It was after I got it that I realised 500D was also known as the Kiss Digital X3 in other countries like Japan.

A KISS Camera!!!

500D without lens

This camera was designed for me! OMG! It's fate!

500D front view without lens

It's so cute and small for an SLR and it's utterly gorgeous.

canon 500D

Oh.. what's so special about this camera? Ho Ho Ho...

I'm going to shock you.

It can take video!

Yes! 500D is the second of EOS cameras to shoot movies (after EOS 5D Mark II in September 2008)! One nifty little breakthrough.
1080p HD video recording at 20fps, take that!!

But with that quality, I can shoot what? 7 seconds of video? -.-

500D back view

Let's worry about that later. I'm just begining to play with the camera, fixing my own lens kit that comes with the box up and shooting this and that and everything that moves.

18-55mm canon lens

Fiddling around the settings and stuff is harder than I thought. Then again it took me months of practice to perfect my use of Canon Ixus 860. So I guess it's all patient and consistent usage.

500D front view

500D side view

500D top view

What I love about the camera is that it's so small that it's light to be carried around.

Look how small it is next to me baby's 50D.

500D and 50D

Clear Travel Photography here we come!!

Wallpaper lovers! Be prepared to be flooded by insanely beautiful flawless clear scenic photos!!!

"let's get this party started, eh heh..... let's get this party started oh hoh...." *music droning out*

Monday, June 22, 2009

Old Hair New Hair

It was very versatile with my old hair which I had my stylist to cut it half fringe.

I can split it in half, quarter partition or even side way, pair it with curls and I have brand new style every day.

This is among my favourites.

color contacts
sunlight on hair

bright orange sunlight hair

blue dress
wavy curl all the way

side view
side shot

sun light hair
side shot with smile

bright sun lit face
fuwaa, the power of sunlight!

looking sideways
other side

fake smile look
fake smile

beautiful curls
fake smile without sunlight

serious look
serious look

pretty girl
look elsewhere shot

side profile
pretend to look elsewhere

But two days ago I took the plunge and went and have my fringe cut all the way.

Introducing, my NEW HAIR.

lower camera

eye and camera canon 50D
removing camera

close up eye and bang
showing part of close up

Ok... moment of truth...
Like it or not. if you don't, well, you'll just have to wait another 4 months for it to grow back up then.


profile fringe shot

Teng teng teng!

Do I look younger?

Personally I hate it. I have to make up my eyes in order for it to look even a slight bit nicer, the bang made my eyes so dull on normal days!!!

and my mom and baby are being nice telling me that it looked nice.
such liars. T_T

They also say I look less fierce. T_T

emo shot

Was I that fierce before?!

serious look

Huh? Was I???!