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I had the chance to hang out with the lovely Jojo Struys for two consecutive days during the shoot of Project Alpha.

light stand

And because I live out of the suitcase most of the time, Michael the great

Michael lim

decided to cast me as the homeless friendless bohemian hippie and had Sunway put me in their really posh Sunway Resort's Arabian Suite.

arabian suite sunway resort

Right. As if I live in such luxury everyday.

"Of course I stay in RM1500 a night with your very own club lounge to dine in three times daily every night." *roll eyes*

fruit platter
And for that price they give you this pretty nice fruit platter in the room

People are going to get the wrong perception of me!

I'm not friendless!

nicole and casey

Casey was supposed to be my friend in the show but Michael decided to steal him away and make him a cast (and later decided to put him on the second season anyway T_T)


But Dayumn! It was a really nice room!

me and my arabian suite in sunway resort

Can someone, like, buy me that really soft 10cm feather bed??
I want to sleep on it everyday!!!!
(Does anyone know how much it cost? I really really want it!)


And the view from the room~

sunway lagoon

talk about the grandest artificial view ever

coffee maker machine

They even have a personal coffee maker machine in the room!

little espresso

"Care for an espresso?"

Now since Adidas Active 3 is the sponsor, I have to wear something sporty.

me and white parrot on my shoulder

Can someone say "Little Miss Sunshine"?

me feeding white cockatoo parrot
Perfect photo ad for a deodorant brand.

And god I really hate my wetsuit tan, I wanted to wear something to cover up but I didn't want to end up looking like a diver on land.

me and white cockatoo parrots

So you get to watch my half tan in action on soon. T_T

macaw and cockatoo and me

It's not everyday you have a Macaw on one hand and a white Cockatoo on the other.

We took some amazing animal shots in the wildlife park in Sunway Lagoon.

white parrot

red macaw parrot

jojo struys and cute pink addidas gym wear
A very rare pink species of the royal peacock family.

Baby carrier - Pelican


furry guinea pig
Furry Guinea Pig


golden gibbon

And my favourite of all - Kiki the Gibbon. Or was it KK? KayKay?

kiki the gibbon

kiki gibbon

This little brown gibbon was adorable to the max. When I got near it, he ran toward me and spread its arms and wrapped me around me neck when I bent down.

me and kiki

He was so cute!!!

I also met Budiey and Beautiful Nara doing some crazy stunts in the other part of the lagoon.

G force

I have no idea what were the scripts like for Kenny and Audrey & Tim. Though I heard Sixthseal was going to eat some fire later that evening.

I did manage to catch a glimpse of Redmummy in her red apartment on video though.

Anyway, I had the privilege to come close to some really endangered species in the world, like the Great Hornbill.

great hornbill

And a creature so so so special, it was my first time seeing one live, which I don't want to reveal what yet. :p

Here are a list of beautiful shots of Parakeets, probably my favorite birds of all time.


parakeets trio

hand feeding birds

light blue and green parakeets

couple parakeets

I know. Great camera.

Follow on Part 2 here.


18 kissed Nicole

  1. I thought those were Budgies not Parakeets.

  2. same. US English for Parakeets. :)

  3. nic, somehow I thought you are wearing circle lens? Your eyes looks really great here!

  4. Oh wow. That's uber cool. Can't wait to watch it. :D

  5. hey nicole, they were budgies! :)

  6. lucky of you to be able to be with the birds...i love the hornbill and the otter....

    can't you use make up to cover up the two colour skin???

  7. XoooooooooooX29/8/09 10:32 AM

    You Are so SweeeeeeeeT !


  8. J.H: yep I am. It's the latest design from Japan too.

    tiff: me too!

    marilyn: thanks :)

    jojo: hey beautiful

    cheong hao: i wish i know how to. do you have any tips? the only thing i know is body bronzer, but i don't want to put a fake tan on my whole body.

    XooX: hehe.

  9. u look great. but pls get rid of that idiot looking insect called "casey" on your arm tho. u might get infected!

  10. Well, at least the room is better than Sun Inns :p

  11. anon: that insect u mentioned happens to be someone very important to me.

    simon: hell yea!

  12. Nicole, you look fat. time to diet.

  13. That insect looks more like a hum sup eunuch........!!

  14. nicole~
    i didn't recognize you in the first pic. you look nice! your hair color is great!

  15. Can't wait to watch the show.. ^_^

  16. oh noooo sorry to say this, but nicole, u look like u put on quite a bit of weight.

  17. yea.. casey is gonna pull you down.. drop it like a hot stone..