One Day Trip to Melbourne

Have you ever done anything as absurd as to fly thousands of km to visit one of the world's best city just for a day?

I landed in Melbourne airport on the 31st of March at 12am,

melbourne airport

With no transport nor friends to come and pick me up, so I unpacked and sat on the floor to access the slow but free wifi in the arrival hall.

bags in airport

waiting at the airport

With nothing but newly bought tim tam balls to fill my tummy. I have not eaten dinner since departure.

tim tam balls

I managed to go online and locate Stuart, a traveler whom I have met more than once or twice, first got acquainted with him in Cambodia, then in Gold Coast, then in Sydney, a true globe trekker unlike myself, he has then recently landed in Melbourne (I heard) securing a job as a fish monger.

stuart in front of a coffee shop
That's him.

So at around 3am (I was intending to spend the night at the airport surfing the net), I packed my things and boarded the bus to the city, having nothing but an address and an all too brief direction to his house from the station.

149 Peel St
North Melbourne VIC 3051

Right. Where the heck was peel street?

It was pitch dark when I hailed a cab to get me to the said address. Now the good thing about every cab in Melbourne was that they're all equipped with GPS, so as long as you have the full address, you're safe to assure to arrive at your destination. Just be sure your wallet is loaded.

street up stuart's place

I came up to a street where the Indian? Bangladesh? (it was all too dark to identify, no racism here) dropped me off in front of a corner town house with 149 golden number plated to the front door.

town house along peel street

peel street town house in melbourne

According to Stuart, who was at that time working overnight shift (like everyday), he left a key in the mail box for me to collect and help myself in. With a note: fiddle around with the knob, it needs a bit of kink to get it open but you'll figure it out on your own.

mail box in town house

And he was right. I was standing in cold dark morning spring outside tweaking and turning and twisting the key around the door knob for a full 20 minutes before the stubborn door decided to budge and let me enter.

"Go up a flight of stairs and you'll come to my room. Help yourself inside. The room is yours." said Stuart on Facebook.

And up I lulled my luggage slowly and painfully before I came to a notice at the door.

stuart note

AWE~~~~!! What nice friend I have. *meltz*

Instantly I felt more comforted and not so lonely anymore, I pushed inside and was welcome with the cutest setting of a room, or a bed-room.

stuart's room

It was really more bed than room.

Exhausted, I slumped on to the bed and saw the look of myself in the mirror. Thought it funny, I whipped out my camera and snapped my first photo in Melbourne.

tired me
A tired Nicolekiss

Then feeling thrilled, relieved and everything in between, I got a bit funky and started doing all sorts of weird poses with my camera.

resting pose

looking back pose

flying kick pose
Woi! Flying Kick! This is what you do when a guy try to hit on you on bed.

double lift
And err... this is what you do when someone try to force enter you? wtf

tilted look
"How do I look when I tilt my head like this?"

Then finally, feeling the warmth, I took off my jacket and continued on.

squatting pose

half stand look back pose

It was about 4:30am and almost a million photos later before I cut it quit and changed into my PJ, washed up and slept.

It was SUCH a nice sleep that I didn't wake up till near noon, when I heard someone scuffling outside the room, probably around the house.

Stuart has returned.

I was to leave at around 6pm for the airport again (I know, so soon!). So Stuart brought me about town for a look see before my departure.

street performance

He brought me to a small busy alley in Melbourne bursting with coffee shops and one booth cafe for lunch.

small alley in melbourne

Does anyone know what this street/alley is called?


We settled for a nice looking coffee shop and ordered some bread and salads.

stuart ordering food

salami wrap

smiling me

It was nice to finally have something decent to eat after 24 hours of constant moving about.

pouting me
I realised whenever I do this kink pout, my right eye (left on the pic) tend to be smaller than the other.

During my day in Melbourne, I also paid a visit to Haigh's, one of my favourite chocolate shops in Australia.

cheeky grin and green ducky

me and haigh's in melbourne

It was Easter season so chocolate eggs were everywhere!

haigh's easter eggs

me and small easter egg

God I missed Easter. The festival back in England was a big thing. And I've always loved going for Easter shopping!

big easter egg
Big Chocolate Easter Egg!!

big egg
"Mommy, can I have this?! purlease??"

happy person with ducky and fishy
Chocolate fish and easter duck!

chocolate fish and duck

So damn cute I was so tempted to buy them back.

me and green ducky

haigh's easter ducks

me and stuart and green ducky

"Happy Easter Everyone! from Stuart and Me"

I know, this greeting is like, 4 months too late! lol

Finally, before I leave Melbourne behind for good, there's one final thing I have to do.

Have a drink at Kokoblack!

stuart drinking ice chocolate

They only served like the BEST ICE CHOCOLATE in Australia!

me in koko black
Me and Stuart sharing a drink. Still pretty full from lunch.

chocolates in koko black

Also we met up Tee Hiong, Malaysian student in Melbourne, whom I met last year during my Melbourne leg on my Australian trip.


And so it marked the end of my one very short day visit in Melbourne.

My plane to Adelaide was about to board, time to head back and get back on the bus.

Till then,

posing with easter egg in haigh's

"Happy Belated Easter, Everyone! :p"


15 kissed Nicole

  1. Hi Nicole,

    The coffee alley/street is call Centre Place off Flinders Lane and Degraves St.

    I happened to take pictures of that alley when i was there!

  2. 31st april? no such day available in the calendar, wonder how cld it b one day trip?

  3. wow - your friend is humorous .

    haha -- the 'note' from at the door is cute -


  4. got one pic u pixelated ur boob. Got tits showing ah?

  5. those multi colour eggs are just so huge... and your friend is quite good looking... nice dress you're wearing...

    Nicole help pass the word. Thank you very much.This young man died after a marathon.

  7. degraves st.

  8. Wow - you must be really tired (from the baggy eyes in your close up).

    By the way, I think you meant "fish monger" and not "fish mongol", yes?

  9. argh~ makes me miss melb alot~

  10. Nicole, ask your friend translate for you. very interesting tips on travelling.

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  11. Kelly ah moi

    Y write in chinese when human like me don't understand.

    U got cheeks to ask nicole fends to translate. Nothing batter 2 do meh?

    If u dunno inklish bets tin dun ride ler.......

  12. Crazy meh... Spend only a short day in Melbourne. Definitely too rush for a relaxing traveler like me.

  13. y everytime when u take pic, your eyes look funny? why not just post a natural post...

  14. The laneway you're talking about is Flinders Lane, since it's right up next to Flinders St station.

    Just wondering, where do you get all the dough to travel around the world?

    Ps. I love melbourne =]