Two Best Unique Food in Adelaide, Australia

After a few wrong and random guesses, some of you readers finally picked up the hints and caught up with the food topic.

Yes. It's Abortion aka AB from Adelaide. (I wrote about it in my food blog)

unique dish in adelaide

All college kids have abortions here. (Oh, I like the way it sounds)

Don't bother asking the adults, lots of the local working men and women here don't even know the dish existed.

Trust me, I tried to ask a professor from University of South Australia and he didn't even know what it was!

having abortion

It's greasy, fat, and full of everything that can cause cancer and coronary heart diseases, and it's good!

Locate it in North Adelaide where you'll find lots of teen and young adult students every night greasing their stomach up after clubbing.

Now too far from the shops of AB, along O'connel street,

o'connel street in adelaide

you'll find an Italian restaurant called Fellini.


Now I recommend you to visit this shop after you have a scrumptious but not too filling meal,

because one of the most unforgettable delights here, my personal opinion, and also voted (by me) as one of the TWO best and unique food in Adelaide....

The Chocolate Pizza

chocolate pizza

You heard me right.

A dessert pizza spread with chocolate-y goodness and homemade (ooh, especially homemade!) ice creams.

dessert chocolate pizza

Eat your heart out. Literally.

I was beginning to worry for my heart rate condition. Having whoped down the super sinful RICH and CHOCOLATEY dessert pizza after having Abortion.

Grease, fat, dairy, carbs, lots of sugar.

Not even god can help me this time.

me and jessie and chocolate pizza

Nor us. Remember Jessie? (girl from Adelaide whom I met last year)

But it was SO GOOOOOOD.

With so much sugar in our bloodstream, we ended up standing outside the restaurant (at the end of the night) playing batman.

batman shadow

Really, that's really mature....

potraying shadow on the ceiling

See what sugar can do to you?


7 kissed Nicole

  1. 'abortion' looks delicious!

  2. being high on chocolate pizza looks oh-so-sinful!

  3. ahhhhhahahhhhhhahhhhaaaaahhhh...>.<...wheres ur graduation photos?? i didnt even manage to see it even whilst u were here..sob sob>.<

  4. How could it be good when it could cause cancer and coronary heart diseases. You are in fact contradictory yourself right? Anyway, if I've the choice I wish to butter you with all that creamy stuffs and eat you up, if not swallow you, hook line and sinker, literally. Simply yummy yummy and sweet..!

  5. i would have been super excited if that chocolate pizza is presented to me... it looks really really good and the portion is just huge... i heard that portions in aus are just enormous...

  6. The Abortion looks very much like the poutine ( that you can get in Canada. Fries, melted cheese, and hot gravy. Yumm...

  7. That funny, that batman part. Had a bad days recently. Thanks for blogging. Nicole, that for you blog, all a long the way. I read it, learnt a lot from you. Even thou, we don't really talk=)

    Cheered me up thou! =)