Sony Ericsson Launch Part 2: Magic and Sexiness

Read Part 1.

Welcome back.

Nicolekiss in purple dress

Let's give you a hint of the new Sony Ericsson launch.

W995 sony ericsson

Hint: it's not W995.

There was some singing.


Some talking.

Hirokazu Ishizuka_Corporate Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific
Meet Hirokazu, Corporate Vice President.

Some hot models walking about.

pretty model

And two ambassadors from Korea and Japan popping up respectively.

Lee Min Jung - actress and host.

lee min jung modelling with sony ericsson phone

Who spoke comically with the Emcee in broken English how she loved her new Phone from SE.

emcee and lee min jung

And Cyril Takayama- magician/illusionist.

cyril smug look

Who performed a card trick on screen (which he appeared from and onto the stage),

cyril talking to tokyo people

asking us to think of a card as he flipped the deck of cards and will try to guess what card we were thinking,

live from japan

but was unfortunately caught in the act by yours truly with her camera.

can you see heart of five

See how the 5 of hearts was left longer in the deck of cards during his flipping?

think of a card

And now, which card was it?

heart of five

Five of hearts of course.


Again, talked about how he love his new Satio phone by SE with the Emcee.

cyril and emcee

And performed another trick of putting the phone into an oval display glass,

cyril about to perform his trick

with his hand through the glass.

cyril putting hand through

Yep. There you go. The three new phones that Sony Ericsson wanted to introduce:

sony new phone

Satio, Aino and Yari.

They're actually quite the interactive phones to have.

sony ericsson yari red
Red Yari

Hot girls with Satio.

pretty promoters

Me with Satio.

nicolekiss and sony ericsson phone

And to prove their point, they put a guy boxing in front of the phone.

boxing dude

You know, to play with the phone. (OK, I'm lameeee)

Read about the event here too.

As the three main characters stood together on the stage for all media to glamor over.

cyril and hirokazu and korean star lee min jung

Cyril decided to do one last trick for all to see.

would you hold my hand

i am going to fall backward now

No he's not trying to tango with Mr. Hiro.

But as he fell back,

still holding hands
Lee Min Jung, your expression was priceless

He slowly let go of his hand.

letting go

two legs on the ground

And soon, he was on one foot.

cyril doing his stunt

Nice trick. Now who can figure this trick out for me.
Wait, I thought I saw something at the sole of his shoe.

Whatever. He was really charming though. Articulate, really fluent English and really good sense of fashion.

Not very tall though.

cyril and me

We practically went fan-girl-like to take photos with him.

Cyril has this signature pose for cameras, whereby whenever he takes a photo, he would extend a three-finger-pose toward the camera, which would then screw up the camera's focus, so you have to use manual focus.

cyril signature pose and nicolekiss

I thought it was kinda cool.

Kim and I tried to imitate the pose by having a girl on girl hand to hand pose.

me and kimong

Really Fail.


11 kissed Nicole

  1. 哇!可以见到魔术帅哥,你就好啦!

  2. wow
    i am looking for a new Sony Ericsson phone
    and Yari seems nice

  3. oh ya,is that phone W995i??
    i can't think of any other phone that looks like that anymore..

  4. Did they give you the hot Satio? Tell me they're not..

  5. you look really pretty in the dress...

    the phone is super delicious and hot. i mean, its so sleek and sexy and classy, but i never recall seeing them in the uk market, that's weird

  6. XooooooooooX6/8/09 1:49 PM

    Let me gussssssssss....................................................................................................................................................

    U took yo pics wif D500 ;)

  7. I envy Cyril for having his hand on yr shoulder... not so for the SE hp.

  8. I like the phones. I'm a SE user, never a big fan of Nokia.

    The Matrix bullet dodging handshake is a pretty neat trick too. Heh!

  9. wow.. I love SE, been thinking to buy a new phone but need save money.

    oh yeah like to tell my friend got contest at

    Win SIY a box and a pic Eyeko face off from UK

  10. Looking good in the dress. NIce.....

  11. you look rather fat and short in the dress...