Advertisement War Between Audi, BMW, Subaru and Bentley

It certainly is competitive in the automotive industry. There are simply too many choices for consumers, they range from qualities, sizes, powers and go all the way toward brands.

In Germany, the big guys that are competing harshly between one another will be Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

In Malaysia, the 3 mentioned brands promote quality, luxury and the ability to put a big hole in our pocket. Certainly, these 3 companies earns big, and yes, BIG! Guess where they spill their Benjamin’s?

I mean, they have SO much extra money (from all the overpriced cars? They have to have!), they didn't hesitate for a second on their marketing and advertising schemes.


Audi thought they could get away with an ad that kicking BMW's bottom by being cheeky


But BMW bagged the final "move"


Classic. Nice.

BMW got friskier and they've gone bonkers in Moscow with this huge Billboard that stretched along the city,


I shit you not, they even put real cars on it, not just any car, but their whole “M” range cars!


Would love to nick one of those up there!

We all thought that it would end right there.

But NOOOO, Audi decided to spice things up. On with the war:


BMW wasn't going to sit back and relax


Then Subaru decided to interfere with the Germans riots,


Chairman of Bentley thought that whole fiasco amusing that wanted to join in the fun.

I thought he nailed it.


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14 kissed Nicole

  1. good piece of car article
    no car is the best
    BMW - ultimate driving machine

  2. BMW is "Sheer Driving Pleasure" now

  3. Those Germans are at it again, eh? But it's a rather nice piece of game from them.

    Hmm... I'd like to see something like that from Proton and Perodua. Hahaha.

    Sheer Driving Pleasure? SDP? Sounds like an acronym for sedap. Heheh.

  4. i love the part where they put exiciting billboard to help 'advertise' the other brand....
    audi and bmw, both are good and comfortable..they are both good in looking and strong in horsepower...i hope that i can own anyone of those...

  5. hahahahaha nice one! the last picture. priceless!

  6. hahaha! i saw this my advertising classes and thought the whole series of fight between the different companies was just classic man! :P good one!;)

  7. hahaha
    this is hilarious xD
    and very random ad from Subaro

  8. this is what you call co-opetition!

  9. love it!! lol .. hilarious babe!!

  10. I love this post. Well done.

  11. Nichole,

    Do you crazy about Car?

  12. And the owner of bentley???
    The german volkswagen group!
    Very british lol

  13. hahahaha. the print ads are nothing new, they've been around for a few years now, but it still makes me crack up when i see it =D

    in Malaysia, you have something similar which is the telco wars. unfortunately in Malaysia, you cannot call out a competitor in your advertisement or you can get sued, even though the statements are true. the telco wars would have been massively interesting if it was allowed =D now we just have to settle with subtle hints, like colours of purple, yellow and red :(