Visiting Haigh's Chocolate Factory, Adelaide

Short note: is anyone coming back from USA this CNY? Can someone help me buy this back? Pretty please?

Third day came and I met up with my second blog reader, Bryan, along with Jessie.

Bryan and the "I Love Hooters" sticker I pasted on him

Bryan brought us to Haigh's Chocolate Factory in Adelaide. Since that I have a South Australia student card, I was allowed concessional fare on bus rides in Adelaide. Yay~ :D

listening to ipod on bus 2

I love riding buses with my ipod. My pinky (name of my Ipod which I just created 2 seconds ago) and I have been through a lot, and to a lot of countries.

listening to ipod on bus

Yep, and that was the hat I was wearing before I lost it two and a half weeks later in Canberra while snowboarding.


Wearing the very same gloves and glasses too.

innocent look


I miss my hat. :(

Anyway, after blindingly followed Bryan changing few buses here and there, we arrived at Haigh's Chocolate Factory with an empty stomach that's ready to wolf down loads of chocs!

visit to haigh's chocolate factory
This was me before I gained 10% of chocolate-y fat

posing with statue
Joan of Arc? Wtf? Why was this statue in a chocolate factory?

There was a gush of chocolate aroma swept through us when I pushed forward the glass door. It was like landing in paradise of which clouds were made of chocolate.

Haigh's didn't produce a lot of fancy chocolate. Most of the chocolates were very plain in design, focusing on taste and originality more than anything else.

chocolate selection

But they're ain't cheap for an average chocolate.

more haigh's chocolate
AUD15.65 for a bag of chocolate balls?

Though there were few that were cheap too. Like Haigh's chocolate bars, perfect for your fondue session.

chocolate blocks

Or some plain chocolate nibbles.

chocolate nibbles

Why the steep difference in price I had no clue, apart from the less attractive shapes, I doubt they would taste any different. Could they?

It's not just all milk and dark and plain chocolate though. There were other things too.

Like this very colorful French Jellies.

french jellies

Or the very unique strawberry white chocolate that looks like it got chicken pox.

strawberry white chocolate

There were also the more exclusive range to suit your palate.

haigh's expensive chocolate

At AUD 9.50 per 100 gram, you could purchase around 4 balls of chocolate?


Hey they even have wine truffle!

shiraz truffle
Shiraz flavoured. Hmmm...

I really wanted this very cute teddy bear though.

cute haigh's teddy

me with teddy

So cute omg can die.
I love teddies.

Luckily, we were able to catch a chocolate tour, sneaking in together with a group of college students who were there on an official chocolate tour to see how Haigh's produced some of their most infamous signature chocolate.

Like the rocky road. Which were basically just chocolate-covered marshmallows.

But the process was rather fascinating to watch. Didn't take any photo here though, as it was too far and too cramped up to take any.

On our way out, Bryan bought each of us one truffle to savour.

haigh's packaging

Mine was dark chocolate truffle, I think.

very expensive haigh's chocolate

Very expensive chocolate ball. One pop and gone was RM8.

nibbling chocolate on the street

Hence must nibble slowly. Kiss it if you want. God knows when you're going to spend another RM8 on a pop again.

kissing chocolate

We all then went to Bodyshop in the city to get some deep moisturizing lotion for me. My skin was cracking up like desert ground on a drought. It was getting annoyingly painful, as my cuticles were splitting and dry blood was surfacing.

Ugh! You know how annoying that is right?

Makes you just wanna pour lotion into gloves and stick your hands in them whole day.

me and jessie in bodyshop
Me and Jessie happy-ing over some fancy gloves

On second thought, maybe not.


11 kissed Nicole

  1. Soooo...Yummmyyyyy.....!

  2. Aha..Chocolate the antidote of depression for many.....Thanks for the intro on this Haigh's chocolate factory.....Much of my info on Australia now derived from you.....:-)

  3. chocolatesss.mmmmm. yay to pink gloves:)

  4. Hey did you notice that girl in the bus appears to be glaring at you from behind?? ^^

  5. Wow.. that piggy glove is so so so so cute... ;D

  6. Nerdy Math teacher here 8)

    Just wanted to point out that the chocolates u said were expensive were actually cheaper than the chocolates u thought were cheap :P

    The "pricy" choco balls are 15.65 for 500g.

    The "cheaper" choco bars are 3.95 for 100g, which works out to 19.75 for 500g.

    That said, LOVE ur blog :)

  7. ashes: hey thanks for pointing out. didn't read my photos properly. :p

  8. I simply love chocs!!!!
    They melt in my mouth not on my hands.. hi hi

  9. hmm..i remember visiting this heavenly smelling place

  10. Choco Choco Nicole!!!
    hahaha how's it going? Haven't heard from you in a while? what you been up too?

  11. Those truffles are tempting! great pictures and also... a cute teddy. Did you buy it?