Pageants Reunion

*PS to a certain someone, I'm not trying to prove anything. As you said once, blog is but a personal platform to express one's opinion.*

*sections of the article has been removed*

Last night I met up with a bunch of my girlfriends in JW Marriots from the pageant days. The girls were as beautiful as ever, each and every one becoming more successful than when we first met two years ago.

One went off to start her own boutique and launched three stores in Malaysia and Singapore, traveled harder than me and in more luxurious manner, and we were swooning over her 4.52 carat diamond ring on her delicate finger, not to mention her really outstanding bling bling around her neck.

Michelle, are those like, real diamonds? *Pointing to neck*

The other got off a long gruesome relationship and landed herself the man of her dream, rich, young, powerful, handsome (I've not met him lol) and charming. Together with it, she had landed a job she loved. Every other moment, you could just hear her purrrr...

Then there's also one who became a manager of a fancy restaurant, wow, indeed. Career woman alert!

All beautiful, young and successful.

I sat there, wondering. What have I achieved? Have I changed at all?

Well, for one, I traveled to more places that I can imagine two years ago. Among many other small things I personally thought wasn't worth mentioning. Like owning a blog for example.

Duh, everyone owns a blog nowadays. What's so special about it.

I used to think I found "the one", and months down the road, my ever after turned sour and I was stranded in some foreign country with a broken heart.

Then I met him.

One I thought could have changed it all.

But apparently..

I have not found my place yet.


17 kissed Nicole

  1. never let anyone make you feel u are worth less. no one is ever better than people if they take pride in themselves.

    you dont need them if they are these kind of people. chins up, do your thing.


  2. Stand on yr own two feet and do the things u want to do. Why worry be happy.

  3. Rubbish... no need to explain.

  4. hi Nicole, what really matters is you know what you want, and not what other people want of you. Stay strong, girl. It's never too late to end something that is never gonna to be. and you are very brave to do so.

  5. Poor soul. Y fret over some ungrateful and pigeon eye's characters. Enjoy your life to the hilt and play it cool........

    I luv u 4 wat u r.......just let that dirty worm slid out from their palms for good.

    My hugs and kisses 2 u always

  6. Hi Nicole,

    I don't know you personally (big fan of your blog though), but you should never sell yourself short. If you think he doesn't love you, especially after you trying so hard, then look elsewhere. You're still young, you're beautiful and you've got a great following of readers who are willing to support you.

    I'm sure there's someone out there for you. You just have to look in the right place.

  7. All i can say Nicole is "All that glitters is not gold". The person who seems to be so happy with this new 'powerful, young, rich man' could be really unhappy inside and making up for that with material things. What matters is happiness inside your heart and the ability to love others as well as yourself.

  8. i didn't know that you were in a beauty pageant?

  9. c'mon! you're accomplished in your own way : )

  10. Having a blog is nothing special, but having a blog with faithful readers from all over the world, that is something special! Your readers (like me) support you and are always waiting for a new exciting entry. To have a look into your adventurous life. To read what kind of crazy experiences you had.

    You have something special Nicole, otherwise no one will read your blog and you wouldn't have so many friends all over the world.

  11. Dear...

    i been a silent reader consistently. I know how u feel when i flip through my facebook of friends with so much progress in life.

    but girl, everyone have their time... u have yours... if we appreciate life carefully...

    remember, u have a column in the star, u r successfully finish your studies with so much fun in the process.... etc.

    nvr let feeling of urself bring u down...

  12. Life is beautiful, there are so many things out there that we can grasp and make wonders out of it!

    Just remember, stay positive, and focus on how to make a situation better! :)

  13. be positive :) the time has not come yet.. just be patient my dear :)

  14. if you think material possession is a measure of success you are wrong girl. it may be nice to have all the perks and all but upon possessing it you are attached to it and aren't as free as you are now, able to travel freely.

    they maybe have the boutique, a great guy, landed a job, but with all that comes responsibility and commitment. are you ready for that?

    you can start asking your self the W-h questions if you doing some soul searching. only you have the answers...

  15. true meaning of life with true happiness is indeed the most successful one! what is so great owning some expensive stuffy when...half of the world is living in poverty! I dont seee anything great.....for me I am sad...the world is dying!

  16. Everything is a balance of good and bad, 'yin and yang' etc etc. If someone you know has what looks like a perfect life from the outside then there must be a 'dark' side that for now is being kept hidden.

    Making your first fortune is easy, it's loosing it all and making the second that's hard!

  17. Hey, where's all the juicy stuff? Can tell me? :p