Sony Ericsson Launch Part 1: Cheerleaders and Basketball Hunks

So yes, most of you guessed correctly.

durian building close up

It is the durian building aka Esplanade building in Singapore.

durian buildings in singapore

Taken from my hotel room. What do you think? Impressive shot? (despite the distance)

swissotel hotel room

I also took some photos of Singapore skyline from my balcony.

singapore skyline

singapore downtown

I managed to zoom in on Merlion too, squirting water from its mouth.


Anyway, this time I stayed in Swissotel Singapore.

swissotel twin room

Not as nice as St Regis hotel but it's comfy enough.

And this is me with my 500D in the toilet.

me and my 500D

me in swissotel toilet

Do I look more pro with a SLR camera? (bleh, I doubt so)

One more shot in the corridor.

swissotel singapore corridor

Before the event, we first had lunch in the most expensive high class Kopitiam (coffee shop) I have ever dined in.

kopitiam singapore restaurant

It's here that I tried a new drink called Milo Godzilla priced at SG$8.50.

Milo Godzilla was obviously an evolution from Milo Dinosaur. Most mamak in Singapore would have the latter. Though this was the first time I heard of the Godzilla version.

Having filled our tummy, we went on the bus which brought us to see some cheerleaders.

milf cheerleader

I call this one a Milf.

She did have great abs.

Even the sweet young things couldn't compete muscles with her.

sweet young thing

Here're some cheerleadings for your eye candy.

cheerleaders initial pose

cheerleaders bursting with energy


cheer line


And done.

My media tag was a shade of sweet pink I liked.

purple dress and pink media tag

me and my press tag

Kim was there with me too with her skinny body and she claimed she have gained weight. -.-

kim and me

And there's sweet Cheryl standing at the back of me.


Right. Now for some photos for the ladies.

Observe guys handling their balls.

heading for slam dunk
Going for a slamdunk.

This one was doing a rocket dunk.

rocket dunk

And he shoots!

top down dunk

Man I love my camera. It could capture an object even in fast movements.

Let's see a somersault backflip dunk, shall we?

slamdunk 1

slamdunk 2

slamdunk 3

slamdunk 4

slamdunk 5

And he shot!


And again.

flip ball in front

Phew. These guys sure know how to play with their balls.

What about some game for the nerds?

They call it Powerskip.

powerskip duo

It allowed you to jump like a kangaroo.

powerskip basic jump

This particular nerdy kid was quite the expert in this sport. He did a jumping jack as easy as cracking a peanut.

powerskip jumping jack
did I say I love my camera?

He also did a flip that made him look like he was floating upside down on air.

looking down

The other guy joined in.

powerskip jump 2

powerskip jump

Finally, a duo performance.

powerskip double back flip

I actually winced when I saw him performed this act.

powerskip over three tables

It's so dangerous!

Brrr... Every instance I was imagining him hitting the ground with a million shattered pieces of bones.

Ever see guys do some girly sports.

Rope skipping!

rope skippers finale

by macho men!

rope perfomers

They're actually quite manly. Combining hip hop style with duo two rope skipping.

hand stand

double hand stand

It's not as fancy as basketball shooting or cheerleading, so it did need a lot of effort to attract the audience.

backward hand stand

double back flip

rope hip skipping

I have to say, Sony Ericsson did put a lot of effort in impressing the media. The preliminary show was magnificient.

Now, time for the conference.

Nicolekiss in purple dress

See you in Part 2. ;)


9 kissed Nicole

  1. OMG.. those action shots are damn awesome... =)

  2. Hey, I've seen that Powerskip thing at my uni before...we even got to try it! They called it something else though...Poweriser I think.

    Nice pics by the way...I love those shots of the basketball players in mid-air!

  3. 吃啊吃啊4/8/09 1:58 AM

    your camera so nice...
    hmm...and that should be somersault frontflip dunk...

  4. "FANTASTIKO" Shots. Keep up the good work.

  5. XooooooooooooooX4/8/09 8:53 AM


    U look so Fair & Lovely.........

  6. wahh...makes me remember the time when stayed there and i miss the bed in swissotel~

  7. WTF Nicol, don't u know how to dress up? with you freaking boots and the dress are like ...SHITS.. please dress in a proper way please.. the dress are totally not match and out from the boots... Come on Nicole.. trying to bring in new fashion???? U R FAIL in this!!!!!

  8. omg i love ur camera 2..
    is that a canon power shot.