My Teddy Surprise

Someone surprised me with a very special gift.

Haha! It’s actually my spoof video of the Heneiken Walk-in Fridge Commercial.

Months ago someone sent me this link of the really funny Heineken ad.

I laughed so hard I replayed several times just so I could fall off my chairs and drown in tears.

I’m sure quite several of you have seen this.

But do you know there’s a following to that video?

Watch Heineken Walk in Fridge part 2.

Hahahaha, it just gets funnier. *drop dead on floor *

Hence I decided to make a spoof video of the Heineken Commercial, inserting the famous scream at Heneiken and the sarcastic humor.

Making the video was fun.

All I need was a lot of teddies. So I dug out all the collections I have over the years from my closets and cabinets and chucked them onto the bed.

sleeping on bed

Just about enough to drown a person.

Haha. Enough fooling around.

getting up from a bed of teddies

Then it was time to arrange all the teddies.

teddy bears

setting up teddies

As the teddies piled up, we realized that there weren’t enough to fill the bed. So I started taking out all the other soft toys I have, including cats, rabbits and dogs.


I got this Mashi Maro from Korea years ago when I travelled to Seoul.
mashi maro
Mashi Maro is a rabbit right?

Twin kitties

Finally it was done.

teddies galore

It was time to take out the main object of the video.

casey taking heineken out of fridge

Say hi to Mr Heineken!

casey and heineken
Psst: hidden bottle here

Remove the 7-11 price tag from the bottle.

scraping price tag

Then intelligently insert the bottle into the teddies so that the angle of the camera won’t be able to capture the image.

placing heineken

But totally viewable from first person’s angle.

heineken and Teddies

Finally, it was time to play dress up.

To fit the theme, I chose a set of Lolita dress (with stockings) to pair with the mass cuteness spread on the bed,

lolita nicole and teddies

also to act as a contrast irony to the fact that a cute fantasy-like Lolita girl can be so crazy over a bottle of Heineken. :p

lolita outfit
Putting on my headdress.


nicolekiss wardrobe
Showing a glimpse of my awesome three-door wardrobe. ;)

Now it’s time to blind fold myself, for scene one.

blindfold lolita
Ugh… I can’t see!


The rest, as you say, was history.

Needless to say there was a lot of screaming in the house (thank god it was not midnight, I would have woke the whole neighborhood), a lot of jumping and a lot of laughing (mostly at myself).

Btw, did you see the tears of joy flowing down from my cheeks when I was halfway screaming in the video?

You have my assurance, and take my words when I say this,

NOTHING on film is real.

putting eye drop

Have a bottle of Heineken everyone. :)


21 kissed Nicole

  1. Copy idea. Not interesting at all.

  2. it is funny i must say!
    had a good laugh

  3. wtf?! is this clip even worth making at all?

  4. Hehe nice one. You have lovely soft toys...I think that pile would really have made me go that crazy! :P

  5. Think u don't have anything better things to do on this planet earth. All these teeny weeny bits of rubbish!!

    Btw u can donate all the teddies to orphanages instead in case u dont't know how to put them to good use. Nevermind if they're not new......recycled stuffs can do for unfortunate kiddies....

  6. stupid but funny.. Anyway ur acting sucks.

  7. Nah...its just stupid.

  8. Master student do all this childish and stupid stuff? master stuff? I have doubt!

  9. OMG the way u squeak ..... the whole kampong is up and abt.

  10. drunkveritas20/8/09 10:24 PM

    i think it's a paid advertorial since that's wat it was tag as. hence the video but wat's with the dragonball and other cartoon posters?!?!?!?!?

  11. drunkveritas20/8/09 10:25 PM

    ohh..and the lolita costume?!?!?

  12. Sailor Moon and Dragonball, give me five!

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  14. Marienne Kaur21/8/09 9:36 AM

    I did, I signed up!!!! What is your email? We share? I've downloaded like 50 songs already, still so many to go! I'm afraid my hp is the one that has not as much memory space..So is American Rejects really coming on Oct 10? I wanna go!!!! How can I go? Must really thank DiGi!DiGi I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!

  15. OMG 50 songs! I have only downloaded like 20 songs..ok ok I wana share..add me I'm definitely going for All American Reject's gig..Who else is performing??Oops..sorry Nicole..Mariene email me

  16. this is prob the most idiotic post. ever.....

  17. Imo,
    lolita dress doesn't suit you =(

  18. Honestly, it doesn't look stupid, but rather silly. But it's okay and it's fun! It's something that a girl should do once in a while. It's not as bad as watching football matches and talk c*ck about it at work, everywhere. That's the real stupid activity. Just ignore them Dear, you're fine to joke around coz at least you made ppl's day. Go Girl!

  19. Rofl I really think that someone just likes to talk rubbish :) University student don't dress like a whore and yet you guys still thinks she cute.. Ohh god You guys have no taste at all..have you not seen any prettier girls than her?? Well I wanna add on a master student will not have that much time to blog and take nonsense photos. Readers are not stupid.. dont try to cheat >.> Besides, You don't look like u did masters anyway coz you wearing short skirts to a graduation ceremony..ohh god I doubt the Uni is some lousy ones. To those who supports nicole, I doubt you have the intelligent to judge things. Anyway I couldnt expect any of you who supports her to have that kinda ability to analyze that way. I suggest nicole dont be a blogger I suggest you to be anyone mistress..ohh yea one thing, Prob no guys will be turn on by your looks XD. I studies in Australia too but nah never heard of your Uni... -KS Choy @ Jason

  20. Yeah, I'm inclined to think Nicole got a Master in childishioklogy with major in blogkology.......You guys out there stop disputing the fact that this girl got brains and boobs and everything nice inside and outside!!

  21. Actually, Nicole...u DO look hot... and quite a lot of guys would luv to nail u BUT this doesn't take away the fact that this was the most idiotic post. Evaaaa...