Bali - Bangkok Getaway (Bali Part)

Okay, after managing through the food photos in Bali, I'm finally going to get down to actually blog about my Bali trip.

Well, technically, it's Bali and Bangkok trip. Back to back B & B. lol.

It's not the first time I've been to Bali, in fact, I've blogged about Bali quite several times before here, here, here, here and here.

That was three years ago and I went there with my mom. I even came back with a cool hairstyle.


So without boring you too much, I'm just going to skim through this trip rather quickly, since there's practically nothing much new to blog about Bali than what I already have. Go read those old entries.

PS// I just cut my hair before I went on this trip and I hated my hair then. It's so ugly. T_T

Note to self: Never cut fringe, ever again.

camwhore in car 2

Bali this time was relaxing, went shopping and bought myself some underwear, slippers and god knows what.


cool poster

Cool poster I found while shopping.

Spotted a Crocs.

huge crocs

"You shall submit beneath my feet."

Had ice cream in Mcd with my stupid hair.

ice cream

I also met up with the nurse friend whom I met in a hotel three years ago when I was there. She still remembers me! :D

me and bali friend

She's one year younger than me and her daughter is so big now (was it 5 or 7 years old?).

Then we had dinner at Jimbaran Bay - Baliku. The best restaurant with the best price, personal opinion. (Click on the link to read about the review of the restaurant in my food blog, and see all the pretty food photos)

fresh crabs

hello from jimbaran beach

Jimbaran was such a romantic place for couple to have dinner at. It's not too bad with families too but I think it's a bit of waste of you dine here without your bf/gf/husband/wife/lover/mistress.

little girl peace sign

jimbaran beach

It's just sooo romantic.

me in baliku jimbaran

But first we have to order our seafood from our friendly and eccentric Balinese waiter.

live crab

Who let me know his king prawns for photos. (er.. that came out wrong)

me holding king prawns

Saw a cornish vendor at the beach doing his thing.

corn vendor

As the night drew nearer, couples started moving from their tables to the beach for one last sunset stroll.

couple at jimbaran beach

It made me want to freeze time, and savour that moment forever.

heart at jimbaran

Baby, I love you.


4 kissed Nicole

  1. hi nicole. any plans for manila / parts of phils? :) wud like to join if there is!

  2. aiyoyoyo. the picture of you eating ice cream looks quite ..umm..naughty. hehe

  3. You look good even in fringe lah;)When it's longer, it'll be very pretty! I think you just gotta get use to it^^

  4. I think you look better without bangs. Fringe makes you look so ah lian...