Snow In London

I am back in London!!!

After three weeks spent in Europe travelling: Spain, Portugal, & Southern France, I have once again returned to London, got my entry stamped at the custom for the second time in two months and now I am back in COLD SNOWY London.


Well, Christmas is in two days time and I am going to be hanging around till then, spend some quality time with my relatives over here whom I have not seen for ages! And my baby is gonna fly in in 14 hours time to join me! Yay~ *hugs hugs warm warm*

In fact I think he's about to board the flight soon. ^^

I heard that snow would be stopping tomorrow onwards so that's a boo-hoo. Then again I guess it's good in a way since it won't cause any airport or Eurostar to cease operation due to snow.

I'm heading to Paris for New Year!!

So I assume by tomorrow all the snow would be really dirty since no new ones are forming anytime soon.

No photo opportunity. :(

But here are the few photos taken by my uncle Sonny these past few days.

I present: Snow in London.

snow in london 9

snow in london 12

snow in london 11

snow in london 10

snow in london 13

snow in london 14

snow in london 4

snow in london 3

snow in london 5

snow in london 6

snow in london

snow in london 2

snow in london 8

snow in london 7

Dashing through the snow, On a one-horse open sleigh, Over the fields we go, Laughing all the way...


Merry Christmas Everyone!


11 kissed Nicole

  1. Merry X'mas and Happy New Year,nice to knw another blogger in blogspot! Lol...:)

  2. Beaufitul picture. Enjoy your stay there. the feeling must be great to know someone who love you will come an c u in a matter of hours.

  3. Nice pics...even from inside the car!

  4. I am going to the Heathrow Airport in a few hours time from now and i really hope my flight wont be affected bcoz of the snow! I wanna go home for Xmas!!!

  5. Looks so lovely :) Merry Christmas in advance to you too.

  6. merry christmas to you too, nicole! have lot of fun!!!

  7. let's have a picture of you and your baby.

  8. Merry Christmas~! :D

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  9. You should come up to Edinburgh for Hogmanay celebration ! It's on New Year's eve and it's the biggest street party in Europe. The only down side is it's -15 right now with about 4 feet of snow. Im heading up there from Manchester and it is also heavy snow here ! Have a great one in Paris ~