Catalonian Cat

Spotted this cat in Barcelona. It was so cute and fluffy I couldn't resist bending down right beside it and snapped away with my wide angle lens.

*snap snap*

catalonian cat

Sometimes I think I'm a cat. When it finds someone it likes, it gets really clingy. It'll stick to the person day and night, but then it get cold at times, just so to make sure the people it's attached to will like them back. It'll wait for them to approach, but only initially, and then it'll rub itself all over them.

It would purr and ask for pampering all day long, and doesn't get tired of it.

But when that someone become slightly indifferent, it'll back off, and shield its feelings, pretend like it doesn't care and there's a whole lot of things out there in the world which would peak its interest. In truth, it has ego, dignity, confidence, whatever you call it, and it doesn't want to get hurt.

A cat can make you feel like it's taking control, but really, it's taking charge of the situation.

However, like every cat, no everyone it encounters is nice, and there are certain unlikelihood which would cause disappointment, sometimes shunned, abandoned. This type of cat will then build a wall of defense, against almost every other human being in this world, and until someone very special, someone who truly care and willing to put in effort, it refuses to open up, even if it does, it takes time.

I'm like a cat who has been abandoned a zillion times in my life, sometimes people find me cold and difficult to approach. But I'm really a cuddly person inside, just not easy to show. And not to everyone.

BUT. A Catalonian (or Catalan) cat is elegant, posh and indifferent. It has the admiration of everyone but does not admire anyone. Though it has an owner, the one true person who has gain worthy of its trust, and if not all, love.

Catalonian cats are proud creatures. Just like Catalan girls. Proud and posh as they may be, they're really passionate people when it comes to romance. And more often that not, you'll find couples of all ages, from early 20s to late 60s, hugging each other, cuddling and teasing under the bright sun in Barcelona, smiling, giggling like kids, looking ever so in love, and not another thing in the world matters.

It makes me want to be a part of that. It makes me want to move here. To live here. Because of that ever lasting the-world-doesn't-matter attitude.

pigeons fly

I am in love. I've been in love for a long time and a very short one when you see how fast time goes by. And I want to nourish that emotion in this society, among these people, living in a world consist of two people. That's it, the people here are living in a society of two, and slightly a few more of your love ones, but nothing in excess.

I want to be like that Catalonian Cat I found in the Spanish village. Every so adorable and friendly but indifferent to everyone else, because at the end of the day, its one true love awaits in the shop nearby. And while it's taking the rest of the world easy, it's the world of two that it truly awaits, when it can finally head home after the sun sets with its beloved owner.


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