The End of 2009

At first I wanted to share some photos taken on Christmas Day itself but realized that my baby left his camera back in London (which has all the Christmas dinner photos on it). -.- Fail.

And then I wanted to post some photos of Paris but realised that we were too lazy to take any yesterday. Lagi fail~

But today we are going to take some. For sure. Waiting to check into a 200 euro a night superior room in this boutique hotel at 2pm (it's 1pm now) to spend a nice romantic New Year's Eve night for two.

Though I wouldn't call Paris quiet at this time of the year, every where we go it's fully booked and packed. It's as if people from all over the world are swamped in this little city just tonight. It's insane. And prices of everything just shot up overnight.

Not sure if this is the worst time or the best time to be in Paris. Ermm... You be the judge.

I'm supposed to do a recap on all the things I did back in the year 2009.

But then I think I'll not do that this time.

A year is a year.

There were good and bad times in the year 2009, some I can't forget and some I rather not recall.

This is the year I realised I have met someone whom I am going to share the longest relationship with. The year I realised the past isn't important and our future is always bright and undetermined.

It's another year I spent a considerable amount of time travelling too. A month in Australia + New Zealand. Several months diving in various islands in Indonesia and East Malaysia, went around Thailand twice, Bali once, Hong Kong once, and East Malaysia twice. Spent the remaining of the year in Europe hopping between countries before settling down in England for Christmas and finally New Year's eve in Paris.

Maybe that's why the year flew by so fast for me.

There were some job prospects came up but for most of them I turned them down. Probably I have not realised that I'd like to do just yet, and despite being the end of my 25, I'm not sure if I should be worried. Afterall, this was also the year I graduated from my Master degree in Australia.

I have plans to pursue a PHD in Europe or the states but the idea was immediately brushed off each time it came up because I don't think I can manage another LDR, not anytime soon anyway.

I have intention to do a diamond course in Belgium or London though, for a span of six months. Am still playing with that thought.

Wanted to get a house but I don't think I'm ready for that kind of commitment yet. Or maybe the right house just hasn't turn up. Everything decent and nice in my eyes is at least up in million(s). :S

I like the present. The present is just nice. Yes the past is good to reflect upon to learn about our mistakes, and the future a good measure of what we should do now in order to achieve that. But like I said, in 2009, I learnt that sometimes the best thing and best way to live a life, is living it in the present.

Who cares about the future when you don't even know who you're going to meet then, where you're going to be, or what you're going to do. And the past is just the past because those people in the past can never harm you any longer, and those things in the past are just bittersweet memories that's meant to be, well, bitter, and hopefully sweet.

I'm not going to share any photo in this post. And I am not going to reflect on any past. Well, I kinda did in the earlier paragraph but what the hell.

May 2010 be better than 2009 and may life be as ever-changing and ever-enticing.

May I keep the friends I have and meet many more.
To have a better life, better job prospect and better hope.

Ok, maybe just one random photo.

Here you go.

Eating portugese eggtart in Portugal. You can't get more authentic than that.

portugese eggtart

To all of you out there, to new lovers and old ones, to people with family and to people who just lost theirs, to the hopeful and the discouraged, to new friends and to long lasting friends, even to enemies and people I don't talk to that often anymore,

Have a Great 2010 ahead. :)


16 kissed Nicole

  1. awwwwwwwwwww portugese egg tart !

  2. Happy New year 2010 :)

  3. Happy New Year Nicole! -)

  4. Happy New Year and all the best for 2010, enjoy your romantic time in Paris.

  5. Nostalgia personified.

    Yes, what you plan today will determine the kind of future you live tomorrow or the house that you fancy that is gonna cost you both your arms and legs. To be realistic, get into some niche profession that you can excel to make your dreams come true. Going after a PhD can also make quite a difference from the gallivanting lifestyle that you live, skipping from continent to continent.

    You have found that life-long someone in 2009. Perhaps 2010 will see more development in this direction. The sweet bird of youth will be gone someday, so do something now, my pretty one. After all, nothing beats the present!

    All the best for the new year!

    From One Orang Melaka to Another!

  6. hey when did you start having a relationship? where's he from? :)

  7. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  8. Yeah, I'll try to have more positive cash flow so that I can eat the Portugal tart in Portugal lol.

  9. Happy new year. maybe your love one propose this year. or at least reveal to us the lucky guy this year

  10. did you try pasteis de nata? it's minimum as delicious as poturgese egg tart =)

  11. love you just like that...