Only in Bali

indon calculator

Haha... Calculator with three zeros. That's something new for me.

Maybe Vietnam should create the same thing too.


Guess where I am based on my latest twitter update.

Can you guess?

If you click on the link you can even see a photo of me chilling out in the snow there. :D
(come on, don't be lazy. Click on it, I know you want to)

Check out this site to learn how to update twitter for RM1 per week for how ever many tweets you want.

Twitter is getting more and more fun. It's gonna be hard not to jump onto the bandwagon. (yes I'm talking to you)


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Unique calculator.. I want to buy one..

  2. err... my father had one too, 15 years ago. Citizen. Bought in Malaysia... it is not something new...

  3. ahaha, triple zero. we all know we're all millionire in rupiah.