One Day Trip to LCCT

The other day I took a ride to LCCT via the KLIA Transit from KL Sentral.

posing with poster

Yep, after so many endless questions on when will KLIA Transit cater to LCCT journey than just KLIA, finally something is realizing.

Rather than building a route straight to LCCT, they used the KLIA transit trains which run to KLIA every half an hour; but instead of stopping at KLIA, they stopped at Salak Tinggi, a stop away from KLIA, and there you will get on a bus waiting at the station to bring you straight to LCCT.

lcct klia transit

I thought it was quite troublesome, little to my knowledge. “Why not just build a straight route to LCCT?” I asked my baby.

But I was determined to find out anyway before being judgmental.

So I packed my handbag with a book and headed for the KL Sentral one morning.

kl central 2

Before starting my journey, I had to start my day first.

So I went to Starbucks to grab an ice chocolate. :D

Ok. Now we can go. (Let me bring you on a journey ok?)

klia transit counter

So we head over the KLIA Transit counter to purchase two tickets to LCCT
(using first term subjects here: you and I ;) and switching to present tense).

You will then have two tickets in your hands: one for the KLIA transit train, and the other for the bus.


Four for You and I.

The fee cost RM22 for two ways. CHEAP!

And go through the ticketing machines and down the escalators where you’ll find yourself underground waiting for your train to arrive.

escalator down klia transit
Like an excited little girl

waiting for train to come

klia transit
And it’s here!

The train arrived just in time as the schedule on the dashboard showed. Not a second too late. Punctuality is always a plus.

Board the train and settle nicely on a nice face-to-face four comfort-seaters.

crop 1

Unwind your things. I brought my book, what about you?

crop 2
Prince of Ice: erotic fiction. Tee hee.

Now leave me be.

crop 3
Enjoy enjoy~

The seats are so comfortable and provide ample space that when the train calls out for Salak Tinggi, I thought only couple of minutes have passed.

crop 4

So reluctantly I pack my things and we step out of the train onto the Salak Tinggi station, move up the escalator toward the exit.

getting off at salak tinggi

Right at the exit, a bright maroon bus is waiting for us.

salak tinggi - lcct bus

Pass the conductor the tickets and we’re well on our way.

pass bus ticket

getting on the bus

The bus ride is quite a brief one that cannot have lasted for more than 20 minutes.

lcct transit bus
I move to the back to find us two free seats next to each other.

Read two chapters on your book and we have arrived!

getting off the bus
*yawn* it’s good to be out again

And when I turn around, it is LCCT!!

lcct airport and buses

little boy at lcct airport
Airport runway has always been enticing to me when I was a kid

I have arrived without any fuss!!

me stading in lcct
Suddenly I have the tendency to take my passport and fly somewhere now. Heh~

I decide to buy some crispy crepes for lunch. Hehe..

buying crepes

The most spontaneous long journey I have taken in a long time. Wait, I think I went to Genting two weeks ago to grab dinner and back.

In the end, the trip was fast, convenient, and less hassling than I thought. Maybe part of the reason was that I didn’t have any luggage with me, but despite that, the ride was, well.. very easy. I didn’t have to wait at all between transits, was most impressed when I got out from the station and the bus was there to wait for me. In fact, if you time your time well, you won’t have to even wait for the train, seeing how on time it is.

Anyway, thanks for joining me on this journey, let us shake.

two nicoles
Thank you, you… me.

Alrighty! Now to head back!

waiting at salak tinggi station

Seriously, that book is good shit. You should buy it (as long as you’re over 18).


13 kissed Nicole

  1. Thanx 4 the tutorial ,Sweety!

  2. Hahaha, awesome, thank you!! :)
    I'll look into that book ;) I'm 20. Though, I'm a straight male..would it even appeal to me? :P

  3. didn't know u got a babe out of wedlock........anyway congrats for taking along your babe for the trip !


  5. Still going by bus is cheaper liao. RM18.00 and no need to change bus/train.

  6. but it looks like u're reading a different book inside!?!?! like one of the twilight saga

  7. this is for people who like to sit trains..

    but skybus is more easy.
    from klsentral terus to lcct.

  8. What the book title, Nicole.??
    I want to buy.. :)

  9. Some people have already beat me to it - I was gonna say that to/from LCCT the skybus is much cheaper at 8 or 8 RM. When I went from KLIA and took the train, I was like "35RM - WTF??" How expensive it seemed!!

  10. the fact about the ERL service is that you will always reach your destination on time. Safety & Punctuality is ERL's priority.

    thats ERL's winning ponit.

  11. to be frankly bus is cheaper but to be honest this guide is very very useful for some people who prefer to travel using another alternative, train ride is faster. 30 mins to reach Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi Station and maybe the transit bus will take around 15-20 mins. If price isnt the factor i will still choose the ERL service as you don't have to be pulled by those operator (yellow or red buses). I prefer less crowded and very appreciate this guide :)