Foie Gras!

I've been keeping a tweet diary (sort of) thing going on recently. Updating the little snippets of my travel expedition here in Europe.

twitter update
Yep. I have landed in Lyon, France today. The land of fine fattening food!

Which was quite fun. Channel X has the new RM1/week unlimited twitter service for you now so it's cheaper and more fun to update twitter locally.

What's more fun is that you can assign five mobile numbers to a single twitter account and tweet excessively. Maybe I should do that to my Nicolekiss twitter account? ermm...

In case you're wondering where did that link of my tweetphoto went to, here's a snapshot for people who are too lazy to click.

twiiter foie gras

Oh yes. That's exactly what you think it is!!

F*ck yea!
I know I'm in land of heaven!!!

ps// in case you don't know the obvious. It's foie gras de canard~! (aka duck liver)


4 kissed Nicole

  1. Please take a look at how foie gras are manufactured. I hope you see how it is. When the demand stops, so will the production.

  2. Foie gras is a form of animal cruelty. The ducks were forced fed food until they fall sick with a diseased liver. In addition to that, they're kept in small,cramp cages which allows them only limited space to move. They're unable to sit or rest and other animals such as rats could easily attack them. They'll die a slow,tortured death just for the sake of a delicacy for humans. Google it for more info and think before u eat it.

  3. Foie gras French for "fat liver") is a food product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened. This fattening is typically achieved through gavage (force-feeding) corn, according to French law, though outside of France it is occasionally produced using natural feeding. Pâté de foie gras was formerly known as "Strasbourg pie" in English due to that city being a major producer of this food product.