My Cupcake Craze

After returning from Australia and my Cruise trip, there was a period I went into a baking craze.

Determined to slave away in the kitchen as a doted home maker would, a transition easily adopted after living out of a suitcase for far too long. It's like discovering a whole new me in place.

icing chocolate cupcake

During which I was particularly quite involved in cupcakes. Baking all sorts of pretty little cupcakes, icing them with homemade chocolate or colored icings, most times with flavours. Gosh I was becoming a housewife.

icing chocolate cupcake 3

I wasn't alone in baking though. My super chef baby was working it hard in the kitchen whipping his awesome fine dine style meal after meal, determine to fuel me until my next departure. -.-

From pasta to Sticky Lemon Chicken.

sticky lemon chicken

And Homemade Mash.

mash potato with sticky lemon chicken

And my all time favourite: Oven Baked Salmon with Rosemary and Olive Oil.

freshly baked salmon

baked salmon

For some reason, he could always perfect this dish no restaurant I've dined in was able to. Sheer bliss. I bake, he cook.

Anyway, here were some of my baking results during the entire month of June, I call it the period of settlement.

The Swirly Chocolate Cupcakes

swirly chocolate cupcake 2

swirly chocolate cupcake

swirly chocolate cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes on a plate

swirly chocolate cupcake 3

Then there were just Birthday Cupcakes I baked for two persons in that month.

First there was the colorful cupcakes for Shirley.

birthday cupcakes with candles

birthday cupcakes

birthday cupcakes 2

birthday cupcakes 3

birthday cupcakes 5

And the mini-cupcakes for Timothy.

timothy birthday cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes

I kinda rushed the cakes the whole day right up till before we left the house.
Which explained why I was in my dress in the photo below when I was finishing up the icings.

icing process
careful careful~

I can't remember but I think the green one could be banana flavour.

orange icing on mini cupcake

Not sure if he and princess ate it or threw them away. Hmm...

Of course it wasn't just cupcakes, there were apple and banana chocolate chip crumbles too.

apple crumble slice

apple crumble

apple and banana crumble
can't remember which was apple and which was banana

On second attempt, I poured twice as much chocolate chips because chocolate is always good. Yum~

apple crumble slice 3

And twice as much apples too.

It wasn't just all boring square cakes and cupcakes too, I took the initiative to bake muffins too! Ha!

My personal favourite.

Banana Crumble Chocolate Chip Muffin

banana crumble muffins 2

banana crumble muffin 3

banana crumble muffins

banana crumble muffin

banana crumble muffin 2

What? Do I look like the type of girl who don't know how to bake?



21 kissed Nicole

  1. WOW! the cupcakes looks great!

  2. I would say.. you doing a great job!!


  3. Looks like you can bake very well too : )

  4. wow! looks good! you can actually open a cake shop ;-)

  5. You do look like donno how to bake..... Salute to you!.... hehehe kidding

  6. the cupcakes look yummylicious!! i'm really impressed babe.. coz i tot u're not into that kinda stuff..

  7. Hi there, the stuff you baked looks good. Was wondering though, where did you get those cupcake and muffin mould/cups? It'll save me money from buying those muffin/cupcake trays!

  8. omg everything looks SOOOO yummy!

  9. nic, you are so talented!
    Those look so yummilicious, especially the one with runny chocolate on the top of it. Yumm...

  10. Looks yummy! Hmm..Swirly Chocolate Cupcakes look interesting.

  11. Can u share with us the recipe for Swirly Chocolate Cupcakes please?

  12. Wow .. I'm not usually a cupcake girl but that was awfully tempting even now when I'm sick .. ! You make me wanna learn to bake too!

  13. Yeah...
    You pass distinctively to become a housewife. Just don't be desperate only... :P

    Nice food and reviews!

  14. Everything looks so good!

    Oh gosh, I want one of those cupcakes...I've never tried cupcakes with icing before!

  15. hi.. 1st time came in!
    nice to meet u!!!
    haha.. nice cupcakes!
    nice photos!
    n damn pretty blog's owner!
    nice to meet u.

  16. you are seriously talented and you are making me drool looking at the food. geez!..heheheeh. Keep up the foodtastic work!!

  17. Hey Nicole

    Try this Kiwi site for inspiration...

  18. omg!!! you are so good in baking while i totally suck! iskkk so envy and all the cakes look damn good n yummy!

  19. wow! thats a big suprise! never figured you can bake or step anywhere near the kitchen. heh. you sure are full of mysteries. any other talents we dont know yet? Kungfu? :P

  20. Swirly Chocolate Cupcakes look like spaghetti cupcake!