I Pinked My Guest Room!

Recently Nippon Paint engaged me in a make-over. Seeking the opportunity, I decided it was time for my guest room to have a fresh look.

canvas on guest room

Now the thing with my old guest room was that the wall was pearl, pearly white.
In fact, my whole house is of pearly white.

It was the staple color choice of my dad for everything of everyday use, or in this case, view.
Frankly, it was boring. Stale. And utterly not creative.

ugly patches on old guest room

Besides, there were patches everywhere on the wall from the previous color cracks (this was like at least 10 years ago).

So I sat down one day with both of my mom and dad, and persuaded them (more like just my dad with my mom as my ally) to actually get the guest room (getting the master-bedroom for a make-over was stepping over the line) re-painted.

I gave him a list of colors from Nippon Paint for him to choose, thinking that he would opt for the pale green or something of the more neutral color, other than white.

You know there are times no matter how much you think you know a person, that person will someday make a decision that completely throw you off the hooks.

This was one of those times. The next day, my dad got back to me with two choice colors:


painting pink

Yep. He went for pink. Of all colors I could have imagined him selecting.

My dad chose pink for his guest room!

pink paint roller
Painter painting on Rose Shade 5135P

I was of course more than happy with his decision. (after all, pink was my priority color)

So the painters came to my house and, expertly, shadowed my walls with shades of pink and lighter pink.
We decided it was best to have two-tone for a four-wall bedroom.

painting the other wall
Pink Lady 468 went onto the other two walls.

I was completely awe-struck, not only by the efficiency of the painters, but also by Nippon Paint’s odorless-paints.

It was, well, completely odorless!! I smelt nothing, nothing at all!! Zit, nil, null, kosong, just ODORLESS!

Nippon Odorless paint is the best!! No chemical fumes to make my house smell of shit for days on.

double work

By the end of the day, we have complete pink walls and by god, it was the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen on a wall!!

pink walls

fan switch and pink wall

On top of that, we also had the ceiling repainted, since if all was going to look new.

painting the ceiling white

This time, I was happy with white.

Then we had the frames of the ceiling painted with a different sort of white paint (not odorless *sulk*).

painting ceiling frame

And had the door frames painted white too.

painting door frame

I decided that we were to go all the way and have a decorative wall.

I said we, because I am going to do the design, choose the colors and create an art out of my guest room wall.

Yep, I was going to DIY my guest room!

I drew a rough 5 foot square cubes design on a piece of paper that going on the wall.

blueprint design
Masking tapes on small squares indicated whitish color

That night, my mom and I measured the painted room up and started masking taping one of the walls.

measuring with masking tape

We even drew square paper for good measurement purpose.

straight line
Straigggght line

We decided to do a thicker separation between rows and a thinner one between columns.

After two hours, this was it turned out.

all square out

staircase and masking tape

masking tape done

With this design, I chose three different colors:
Daphne Red 7173D (like purple),
Trailing Pink 7164T (darker shade of pink)
and Snowbush Rose OW40 1P (white with a hint of pink)

painting the design

(All in all, we were using 8 types of paints on my guest room)

types of paints used

The painters came in the morning and got to work on my little project. Hehe.

Who said I was going to do the painting? All master-minds are creators, not painters. :p

blueprint and real deal
The painter stuck my blueprint on the wall, so cute.

purple square

First, it’s purple…ehh.. I mean Daphne Red 7173D.

drawing squares

Then white…er… Snowbush Rose OW40 1P.

white square

Then a whole lot of mess due to the many colors put on the wall.

marking colors

In the end, I think the painters decided it was easier to mark the colors of the cube instead of kept referring back to the blueprint.

I went to my brother’s room to play computer game with my mom after that.

When I got back, it was done. Yay~!

square painting done
Looks like something out of a 2D animation.

We waited for it to dry for an hour (it was fast-dry), we peeled off the masking tape to reveal the master-piece.

Slowly… one by one, inch by inch.

peeling 2

peeling 3

Be careful when you’re doing this, because fresh paint CAN break or get peeled off. So do it gently. And touch up wherever necessary.

masking tape off


piece of artwork

Chio or not?! My masterpiece!

posing with my wall artwork 2

When it was time to furnish back the place, my maid went to put up the old curtains of the old guest room in.

ugly curtains

God, it was ugly.

We quickly removed the curtains and replaced it with something more matching.

Got my double bed which I bought years ago in, lined the bed with Egyptian cotton and we’re ready for photos!

pink guest room complete
That’s my pink teddy carpet on the floor. Hehe

The photo was taken with my kit lens 18-55mm zoomed all the way out.

It was roughly this time I obtained my new sponsored wide angle lens 10-22mm.

So I decided it was time for the lens to be put to its first good use.

wide angle new pink room 2

Ta da!!!

(This is what wide angle can do *smug*)

It’s pretty empty now, but I am so proud of my new creation!

*tears of pride*


29 kissed Nicole

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