Perth Wallpaper (Uno)

Since I'm on a roll here and it's really tiring after going out for the whole day in Madrid. Here's one wallpaper in three different sizes of Perth for you.

(Uno meant one if you don't already know. I'm in Spain, helo?)

Perth wallpaper_1280x800
download 1280x800 size here.

Perth wallpaper_1600x1200
download 1600x1200 size here.

Perth wallpaper_wide
download wide angle 2560x1600 size here.

Alright, time for bed. Though it's morning in Malaysia now.

Night night everyone.

or should I say...

Buenas Noches A Todos.


1 kissed Nicole

  1. It's beautiful. May I ask how come you don't have it in wide 1920X1200 size? Would like it as wallpaper for a few days...

    Anyway, good job.