Miss Independence

I was browsing through youtube for Ne-Yo songs and this song caught my first attention.

Titled Miss Independence. Watching the video I realised that I can never be the type of girls that Ne-Yo like (in the video anyway). Many might see me as independent, you know, travelling everywhere all by myself, depending on no one. But I'm really just a girl who can get really clingy to her boyfriend. Like really clingy.

Which was ironic because I grew up always thinking that I was going to grow into a independent career woman with a successful business/job despite my mom's constant advice that being a career woman is a difficult path to take.

But I guess that's what songs do to you. They evoke emotions and stir thoughts in you. Some might say that modern songs advocate... er... certain indecent thoughts (I'm not supposed to mention the S word here), such as this song below.

"She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up
Just one touch"

I disagree. I love how the song was written. And the way Ne-Yo sang it was not only provocative (in a good way, I suppose), it was really moving, as if you can feel how the writer of the song wants you to feel.

Anyway, I'm stirring away from my main point of this post. Some songs make me that way you know.

Now that you heard the songs, and know that you've heard it before (almost from everywhere), Ne-Yo is coming to perform LIVE in KL, part of his Year of the Gentleman Tour) on the 7th January 2010 at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach at 8pm. You can find the promo page here.

Basically, if you're an Xpax user, you can reload your prepaid credit of RM50 and get the ticket to the concert that is priced at RM140 for RM90. (Means the credit is basically FREE).

Type and send REGNEYO to 28881 (and then reload RM50).

If you're interested in getting better seats. Here are the ticket tiers and their respective pricings.

Zone RM140, Phlow Zone RM170, Phuture Zone RM260

I hope he sings Closer then. The song you'll definitely hear in every single techno filled disco or club night out.

It's the type of song you can dance your heart out alone at home.
Definitely the song to dance to in a concert.

"I just can't stop. I just can't stop..."

Too bad I'll still be in England (probably on the plane back to Malaysia) that day.

For ticketing info, call 03-7725 1177/03-7725 1166 or check out tickethotline.com.my


1 kissed Nicole

  1. hi Nicole.. greetings to u..
    I never heard of this song before and now i m listening to it.. yes, songs do certainly invoke our emotions at times..