Just Plain Hungry

Soon after a month full's swooning of cupcake craze, my home-maker life *puke puke gag gag* was over and I was back on travel track in June.

And with that I flew back-to-back on a one-and-half-week holiday trip to Bali and Bangkok.

Was just about to sit down and go through the photo selection when I got really hungry just by looking at the first batch of photos taken on the first day in Bali.



sashimi boat

sashimi boat 2

OMG I miss Unagi and Sashimi. I want to go back to Malaysia to eat them! I am so hungry right now. Why is Japanese food so expensive in Europe? *sob*

Note to self: Never look at food photos in the middle of the night.

I miss katsu curry too.

katsu curry rice


Oh did you know there are proper ways to dip a sushi in soy sauce?

The proper way:

correct way of eating sushi

My way:

wrong way of eating sushi

I got this one right and wrong:

correct and wrong way of eating sushi

It doesn't help that the place I'm staying right now it's just next to this really fancy chocolate shop where you can buy a really nice cup of warm rich chocolate to drink at 1.25 euro per 100ml. Yum~

Why is it close right now~!?! (to be fair it's 11pm here) T_T

Chocolate makes me think of truffle, which makes me think of these photos,

making chocolate truffle

making chocolate truffle 2

chocolate truffle balls 2

I think my chocolate crave might have returned. Oh- ohh...


Btw, according to my daily updates of twitter, I am done with Lisbon, Portugal and am heading up north to Porto tomorrow. Where port wines originate! :D

The past two days was spent splendidly with Andrew who flew down from London for the weekend and we spent the entire time scouring through Lisbon's finest food and soaking in local culture (drinking port wine and mocastel, eh hem). We just followed each other on twitter too.

Twittering is becoming more and more fun these days. If you want to join me then faster subscribe the unlimited twitter promo from Celcom that's only RM1 every week. Let's create a tweet culture here! :D


5 kissed Nicole

  1. your blog makes me hungry! the chocolate truffle looks to die for T_T

  2. Nicole...thanks for approving me in FB~ Nice meeting you.

    I am using HOTLINK, wished to join you but i cant...SIGH!!!~

    Keep it up your wonderful blogging ya ^_^

  3. good thing i'm only looking at your blog after i have eaten. haha!

  4. Yupe. I got it right. I use hand one.

  5. your fringe looks nice on you,not that bad...i think it's cute :D