Bali - Bangkok Getaway (Bangkok Part)

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Good pork. Check.

thai pork dish

Good market food. Check.

fish roe salad

Good malls. Check.

siam paragon

Good cinema. Check.

imax theatre bangkok

Good coffee. Check.

thai coffee

Good shopping. Check.

platinum mall

Glitzy night. Check.

bangkok night from sirocco bar

bangkok night from sirocco bar 2

Bangkok was as beautiful as it has ever been every single time I visit.

And to do something about my short fringe, I've improvised by the time I hit Bangkok.

Have to get ready for my favourite city. ;)

nicolekiss in red

I curled my hair up to the fringe level on both sides of my hair. So to obtain a sort of Japanese cutish style. I know, it's so not me. But it worked. ;)

Paired with my favourite necklace.

cat necklace
Le meow~

We spent the first day scouring through platinum mall and spent a bomb on every thing cheap and nice we could find. It's was a shopping spree+trip for us that comes twice a year.

(The next one is boxing day in London coming this 26thth Dec. :D)

lady boys shop

We stayed over at a fancy new boutique hotel in town situated near everywhere, accessible by metro or taxi.

hip hotel bangkok lobby

hip hotel bangkok room 2

I like the rooms. They're clean and nice. I had a good rate from a friend. ;)

I ended up looking quite Thai-ish (or Japan-ish, whichever you prefer) with all my new accessories and clothes. Which I wore out for a dinner for two the following day.

nicolekiss pout

my hand accessories

Love my rings! Cost RM70 (700+ baht) I think?

nicolekiss cute

A chance to camwhore.

nicolekiss 2

camwhore in car

cute cute

I also brought my second baby on this trip: Brownie.

nicole and teddy

Isn't she the cutest?!

This is me pretending to be emo-ish.

nicole and teddy 2

Went to Cabbages and Condom for lunch. Wanted to go there for dinner the night before but we got stuck in a jam and by the time we arrived, it was already closed. :(


posing in front of condom and cabbages

Well, lunch is fine. Just not as pretty as dinner.

playing with itouch

Playing with itouch while waiting for food.

The restaurant has everything condom-ish, including a condom filled santa.

condom santa man

"Ripped the innocence off that children's mythical human!!" Roar~

Oh look, I'm a condom head.

condom nicole

Haha. I humour myself.

On your way out, don't forget to grab a condom or two as souveniers (*cough* yea.. right).

no mint just condom

Craving for some local dessert, we stopped by an ice cream vendor that I knew sold really nice coconut ice creams at 10baht per cup.

thai ice cream vendor

I spotted it once on one of my previous trips and tried it and loved it.

yummy coconut ice cream

Where in the world can you still find yummy RM1 ice cream. I was a happy person.

coconut ice cream

Good street-side coconut ice creams. Check.


9 kissed Nicole

  1. I think ur hairstyle is pretty! Stop being aweful to her!

  2. Nick,

    You have just lost your crowning glory. The Malays say, " Kurang cantik;tak lawa lagi!"

  3. Hey Nicole, i am Bangkok now.. if u have time for a meet ple contact me..!! Have a nice day..

  4. Nice. I like that hair!

  5. i dont think malaysia will ever have a restaurant or cafe like Cabbages & Condoms. :(

  6. which boutique hotel please?

  7. hi, which hotel you stayed in btw?

  8. Well that was a nice post. I liked it.

  9. Nicole,

    I m visiting bangkok end of this month can i know what is the name of this boutique hotel that you are stayng