McQueen Eau de Parfum and BOSS THE SCENT for her Reviews

I know I could be a little mad when one evening last month I suddenly decided I wanted more perfumes.

Looking over to my vanity desk, there sat over 20 bottles of almost new fragrances (after giving some away) which I enjoy frequently; and yet I was vying for more. 

Preference changes and my preference for scent changes on a daily basis. As crazy as it sounds, there are days when I feel none of the 20+ fragrances on the table suit my need. I was looking for a few specific scents, and I think I found one, I dubbed it "the perfect evening scent". (Read on)

It was this blessed period I was sent two fragrances new on the market to try out. Christmas came early and I was over the roof. One I've been eyeing since I first spotted it on IG and because I am a fan of its male fragrance: BOSS THE SCENT for her. The other a new brand I have not owned before: McQueen Eau de Parfum. It intrigued me further after trying to look for it (McQueen) in several departmental store and not finding it. Let's get down to my review. 

Hugo the scent for her and Alexander McQueen fragrance

BOSS THE SCENT for her by Hugo Boss

My dad has been a huge fan of hugo boss for a long time and I've always enjoyed their male fragrances, especially The Scent for him. So when BOSS THE SCENT for her was introduced, naturally I was wildly interested.

First of all, this is a very sweet fragrance. Top note is a sweet sweet combo of honeyed peach and freesia (more peach than freesia), followed by Osmanthus and ending, now this is hardly noticeable, with a base note of roasted cocoa. In fact I couldn't smell the cocoa note at the end at all, but the peach was undeniable.
Personally I'm not a fruity sweet scent girl but I know many people who would enjoy this scent.

Verdict: Sweet fruity scent. Suitable for casual day wear. Meant for all ages but more towards teenagers to young adults (which is surprising coming from Hugo Boss).

Hugo the scent for her and Alexander McQueen fragrance

Price List:
BOSS THE SCENT for her EDP                30ml    RM214
BOSS THE SCENT for her EDP                50ml    RM311
BOSS THE SCENT for her EDP              100ml    RM427
BOSS THE SCENT for her Shower Gel   200ml    RM128
BOSS THE SCENT for her Body Lotion  200ml    RM139

McQueen Eau de Parfum

Hugo the scent for her and Alexander McQueen fragrance

Now this was an interesting one. Not only was I not able to find it in most departmental stores and Sephora stores, there was very few people I know who own this bottle of fragrance. So I unwrapped the package, and spritzed on my arm. What welcomed me was a whaff of sophisticated sexy perfection.

My first immediate thought: "I've been looking for this scent my whole life and I don't even know it!"
It was as described in the press, "to wear McQueen is to open up to the hauntingly beautiful potential of one's imagination". And the scent was truly hauntingly beautiful to me. It was everything I want in a scent: seductive but not overbearing, elegant but not overpowering, intelligent, unique, exquisite, contemporary but classic. Initially I thought this was definitely an evening perfume, but then the more I smell, the more I felt it could work in the day time too, and in a very different representation.

I'm an instant fan to Sarah Burton's technique of perfumery.

Hugo the scent for her and Alexander McQueen fragrance

Top note: Spices (black pepper, clove and pink pepper)
Heart note: Night blooming flowers
Base note: Sambac Jasmine, Tuberose and Ylang Ylang
All notes strongly present in the scent but acting harmoniously together. It was a very pleasant surprise in a long time.

Verdict: Alluring, seductive and sophisticated. Suitable for day and even more for night. It's a scent that gives confidence. Wear it on a first date, to a function, gala event, when closing a sale.

McQueen Parfum             50ml    RM1499  (I would love to get my hands on this!!) 
McQueen EDP                 30ml     RM310
McQueen EDP                 50ml     RM415
McQueen EDP                 75ml     RM560
McQueen Body Lotion    250ml   RM199


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