This is the 100% Clean All-Natural Skincare Brand Every Sensitive Skin Girl Need in Her Bathroom

Never heard of Huygens? Neither had I. But you should. And this is why. 

In recent years, possibly due to age, my face has gotten a whole lot more sensitive compared to my younger years. It's not fun. There are a lot of things I can't eat, like dairy products for example. I will end up with a line of zits on my face like a raging teenager. It has also gotten a lot drier, partially due to age and majorly due to being in air-conditioned rooms all day. 

If that's not enough, I've also developed allergy to certain brands of sunblocks and almost all glitter products. The saddest non-sad thing I had to do in 2018 was bid goodbye to all my glitter eyeshadows. Just as the trend of the glitter eyeshadow was on the rise. Urgh. 

I started seeking alternate skincare products, namely facial cleanser. Something that's gentle enough for my increasingly sensitive dry face. I was told to steer clear of all foam cleansers, so I converted to milk cleanser. I didn't particularly enjoy it. 

Then I was introduced Huygens facial foam cleanser. 

The one on the left with a purple label (Lavender) that says Face Wash. 
Followed by Body Lotion and Body Wash to the right. 
And three mini fragrances. 

I was sceptical, foam cleanser? Wasn't that what I should be avoiding? Suitable for sensitive dry skin? You're kidding. 

But nope. Tried and tested. It's certainly gentle enough. I never knew foam could feel this gentle on my skin but it did. And I loved the lavender scent that made prepping for bed time much more relaxing. 

Huygens started from Paris, two founders (Daan and Sebastien) who took over an alchemist's house and transformed it into the Huygens it is today. 

Super cute right? 

Their vision was to create 100% clean, cruelty-free, made-in-France organic beauty collection. 

I'm talking about products that are free of parabens, mineral oil, silicones, artificial colorants, sodium laureth sulfate, and all the nasty stuffs you hear people put in beauty products. It is 97% organic ingredients (because it's not possible to source for 100% organic) and 100% from organic farmings. They also focus on locally-sourced eco-friendly packaging to reduce carbon footprint. 

Every single product is bespoke. Customised to your skin need and preference. 

How does it work: 

1. You choose a product base

Could be face wash, body wash, etc. 

2. Have the specialist analysis your skin

3. You or the specialist will decide on the most suitable pure essential oil for you
and inject into the product you chose, label it and done! 

Every essential oil has a different function and defining qualities. 

They have a store in Robinsons, Gardens Mall. Or you can check them out online at 
(free delivery if you spend RM100)

They have a bunch of other stuff in store too; like their own aromatherapy oils, fragrances and diffusers. 

My fav is the Moon River (blue bottle)

Robinsons Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall 
Contact: 03 5892 3890


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