Saturday, February 28, 2009

You are now in Sing... no wait, Indonesia, no wait, Singapore.

On a flight to Singapore not too long ago,

35,000 feet above sea level, (or maybe not that high)

with my phone on silent mode (I know I was supposed to switch it off, but yea.. you know~),

I received a text on the plane while crossing the (tiny) ocean connecting Singapore and Malaysia.

welcome to indonesia

No wait~ What's this?

stay connected from indonesia

Shit. Am I on the wrong flight? O Shit shit... wait... but that can't be~~ *look around*

*Five minutes later*

singapore text

Bloody hell, that deym Indonesia line very strong right? Flying from Malaysia to Singapore also can interrupt.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Valentine’s Day

Valentines this year was simple for me. Unique, if not.

Last Saturday I was at Sunway Pyramid witnessing the greatest love ever professed.

nice hair day

O btw, nice or not my hair. I curled it myself. I bought a new curler from Singapore. Super nice one, I can curl my entire head of hair in like ten minutes.


cool hair

Super shiny under the sunlight right?

Anyway, let’s get back to my story. When I first learnt about Berry and Lemon, I actually thought they were a very cute couple online professing their love for each other.

What I didn’t know was that they were literally a cute couple!

dancing fruit couple

Finding out that these two bloggers were really two fruits, I couldn’t help but to ROFL. It’s like…awe….

Basically the whole story was that Berry wanted to present to Lemon the biggest purple hearts ever filled with Ribena bottle caps as his way of showing his love for Lemon.

ribena caps
Imagine how much Ribena has been drunk here.

They went on road shows, flyers, posters, ads, even appeared on TV just to gather these caps.

berry needs help

Oh btw, Belinda Chee was pretty hot in real life.

hot belinda chee

She’s the emcee for the event and she was in yellow! :D

Hey I was in yellow too. What a coincidence.

lemon and berry bench

I even got free Ribena with Lemon to drink.

ribena press kit

I first tasted the Ribena with Lemon in Singapore over Christmas last year, and instantly I fell in love with the drink.

kissing ribena lemon

It was delicious! The sweetness was just right, didn’t know the lemon taste will complement the drink so much, everything was in perfect consistency.

I even got a few bottles back home and my mom has been at the bottles every day. Lol. My mom’s so cute.

The saga was over in a jiff when more caps were collected on the spot and poof… we had a gigantic purple heart.

happy couple

So I then grabbed my creampuff to camwhore around the place,

me on ribena bench

We even had a go at the dance machine with a little Indian boy, who was better than creampuff. :p

playing dancing machine

Where were too many people waiting in line to take photos with the famous fruit couple, as you can see behind the big TV screen on the photo above, so I decided that these cardboards would have to do make do with my camwhore session.

blow face on lemon

me and berry

v sign with berry

yo yo

I also met a few people there too. Like Mehlin and Timothy.

group photo

Timothy has lost so much weight and became quite buff, he looked completely different from the first time I saw him. Hehe.. guess love do change a person. ;)

We then went to watch a family friendly comedy movie “New in Town”, acted by Renee Zellweger.

OneSheet (Page 1)
OMG she has lost SO MUCH WEIGHT! She was SO SO SO HOT in the movie.

Anyway, we were given one bottle of Ribena with Lemon and some food each as we entered the cinema. And guess who we met there?!

It was Lemon!!!

me and lemon

Berry was there too, but I like lemon more cause we’re the same color. Haha!

The movie was pretty pleasant, especially if you’re a Renee fan, though most of the movie I was just plainly and crazily admiring her killer heels and killers legs.

We ended the day with a late afternoon dine out at Marmalade in Bangsar after the movie.

yummy avocado salad

And I found a fascinating use with my new gold bangle.

playing with my bangle

Sydney Fish Market: Aggressive Seagulls

Now if you like seafood, then there is no reason you should not visit the Sydney Fish Market.

sydney fish market

I can tell you a long boring essay of what SFM has to offer, but I rather be polite and let you have to choice to either read it all from here, or just have the pleasure of letting the photos speak of themselves. (I know most of you just like to look at photos)

Now be warned, don't get too hungry. Fish mongers might just become slightly richer today.

You can visit the fish market any day of the week,

fish market open every day

preferably early morning when you can see the fishermen bring the fish up, or early afternoon so you can still catch some fresh sea critters for lunch.

atlantic salmon
Huge Atlantic Salmon fish *drool*

john dory
Hi, John... Dory.

kissing fish
Big Fish

salmon and other fish fillets

Kif was nice enough to show me around. Both in tight budget, we can only drool at these luscious fish fillets.

kif acting silly

Sydney Fish Market not only just sells fish, they sell seafood on the go too! Yes, I mean the freshest possible seafood by the sea.

king crab

giant crab price
Ouchy pricey too

As we walked inside the building, we were drown by the view of mountains of oysters. FRESH oysters!

shelled oysters

fresh oysters

GOSH!!! I love oysters!!! They're the sort of food that either you totally adore them, or hate them with a passion.

Or third, you only like them because they're expensive. Like abalone.

greenlip abalone

Yea? I know you know I'm right.

O btw, the abalones here were HUGE!

posing with abalone

But what the heck, these oysters were fresh! Just to prove my point of how fresh they are, here's a video of the monger preparing the oysters.

It's so fresh I swear they could be jumping in my mouth. He took it out straight from the shell and placed it back on it in less than a second, and woila! An oyster served!

And check out the lobsters!

fresh lobsters

Wooo! Aren't they red?!

Or even the crabs.


And some weird name sea critters too.

balmain bug
Balmain Bug? What?

Prawns don't come cheap here either.

king prawns

lobsters and prawn

Or why not splatter some cheese on top of these delicious already very sinful lobsters.

cheese grilled lobsters and clams
Or oysters, or mussels.

cheese grilled lobsters

cheese grilled oysters

Put everything on a plate and you get a mix seafood platter fit for the kings!

sprinkling salt on fish and chip

seafood platter

If you like Japanese, they have "unagi" too. Or eel if you prefer.


Or even "uni", or sea urchin roe.


You know what, since you're already going to be spending so much. Go posh and get some caviar and sprinkle on top.

salmon caviar

So these were what we got.

Some unagi.

delicious unagi

Some uni.

sea urchin aka uni

Some fried calamari. yum.

huge fried calamari

And of course...

my fresh oysters

Half a dozen oysters.

me and my meal at fish market
If only these were my lunch everyday

Now I want to tell you something about the Sydney Fish Market. When you're done getting your food, and you walk outside where the harbour is, there're few tables and chairs where you can sit down and have a nice meal over a nice view of the sea.

outdoor dining at fish market

Be prepared for there is ONE creature waiting for you out there.

seagull and sydney fish market

The seagull.

Or should I say, seagullssssss.

waiting seagulls at the fish market

It's like nature call. Where there's fish, there's those bloody birds. (not that I dislike them, I actually do fancy them a lot)

They're all over the place.

waiting seagulls

I mean, these seagulls were fierce!

They're so aggressive even I get scared of them.

I saw this Japanese girl walking down the stair and accidentally, tripped and fell down, resulting in having her meal splattered all over the place. The seagulls just mercilessly flocked in and nicked and picked and grabbed all the food away from her, despite the close proximity.

Almost like how they attacked this table when the customer left.

seagull fighting for food

While she just screamed all the way till the floor was once again cleaned.

And all that happened in less than 15 seconds. Not even the fastest janitor in the world can clean that fast! Or get there that fast.

Me and Kif decided to test the birds out with a piece of our fried calamari.

Look at them go! I won't want to imagine myself being that poor squid.