Fire Evacuation - Asian Style

And so with the last tour I left Tasmania, in fact I left Australia overall and flew further down South and found myself in New Zealand- the youngest country on earth.

hobart to auckland

Now on the first day, I met up with Amy, a reader from Auckland.


She brought me to Sylvia Park, the biggest family mall in Auckland at the moment, for a walk about and to catch some lunch.

nicolekiss in brown
Choice outfit of the day. It was rather chilly.

We settled for The Coffee Club (a franchise from Australia) at the mall and simultaneously ordered our food. We were soooo hungry!

eating in coffee club

Then just as we submitted our orders, waited for 15 minutes. And large delicious plates of food were served in front of us.

As just as plates touched the table, and us barely have time to even lift our forks, a loud siren went off, booming through the mall and into our restaurant too.

It was the fire alarm.

"You GOTTA be kidding me?!" I thought.

At first everyone was stunned. No one moved and no one knew exactly what to do.

Then the manager of the restaurant walked out, looked around, and as if suddenly decided to finally act out his authority, he made the final decision while everyone was lost.

He informed all his staff and then announced that we have to leave the building.

It was all so calm. Everyone got up and walked out slowly, following the large crowd that were flowing toward the back-entrance of the mall.

leaving the building

While following the crowd like a good little foreign citizen, I glanced back and this was what I saw.

fire drill escape

Did you see what I saw?

The three girls on the picture were customers earlier at the restaurant sitting next to our table.

And in their hands..

food in hands

were food!!

Their food came just minutes before ours! And when the alarm went off, they took the chance to hand picked all their food from their plates and walked out of the restaurant following everyone like it's the most normal thing to do.

And I can bet my good penny that they won't be returning to the restaurant any time soon.

Least to pay for their food?!

You know, this is the reason why so many people in the world scrutinize us Asians. We do things like this!! (Or some of our other counterparts of equal skin color)

Many Asians take the goodwill or the better welfare of people and society for our (their?) own benefit, or in this case, taking advantage of situation during the extreme moments.

But then so do a lot of other people from other races. We tend to stereotypes. Can't blame us for doing so.

And if you think that's bad. Wait till you see this middle age lady.

asian aunty eating out of plate

Oh yes. You're looking alright.

She was sitting in the restaurant earlier, and even more champion, instead of taking advantage of free food, she took our her entire plate. So to make she didn't leave any salad or fries behind.

You would think she could be any more subtle. But NOOOO~~~~

getting a free meal

She was carrying the plate around, eating happily, in public's view!

everyone standing outside

And then she proceeded to sit down next to what was presumed to be her husband.

husband and wife alike

Yep. If you want to steal food and eat, eat in comfort.

Find a nice little sidewalk and sit there under the chilly autumn morning to eat your sandwich.

sitting around

Then you would probably think: "Oh, the husband would be so embarrassed and maybe ushered her to stop this kind of shameful act. And either to, advice her on the spot and pretend that he didn't know her OR ask her to finish the food as quick as possible and leave."


husband and wife eating

The husband ate with her.

Awe... so romantic. Sharing the same plate outdoor. NOT!

blow face
Me pouting with the shameless couple in the background.

Now if you think that's reasonable till now. After all, the food was going to go to waste anyway. The restaurant will throw those food out one way or the other when everyone left. So why waste good food?


You'll be amazed.

After scraping all their food clean, the woman stood up, with some salad left on the plate.

Walked to the other end of the sidewalk.

Where a bin stood.

Tilted her plate and let the salad fell into the bin.

And walked in the other direction, AWAY!!!!


While everyone was walking back toward into the building.

walking back in to Sylvia Park mall

Seemed like it was a false alarm, either that the chaos has been settled.

So I did the only thing a blogger would do at this occasion.

During such a fiasco with such an incident.

I squatted down.


And point.

sitting next to greedy aunty

Say cheese!

shhh... don't tell her. She still doesn't know.


35 kissed Nicole

  1. Kiasu and kiasi... ;)

  2. If only some one would walk up, tell her in harsh harsh that the restaurant staff had taken her down on their security camera and the police is now asking all over for her. To redeem herself from being chased out of the country she needs to return with plate and money. Terrible people!

  3. LOL. They're not Asian, they look more like Mexican.

  4. Hello from a reader in Auckland :)
    Hope you enjoyed it here lol...

  5. selamba aje.. She should at least felt ashamed of that.. :P Did she put the plate into her bag btw? haha. I had known some ppl who sould just take away the restaurant whole big packet of tissue.. shy shy..

  6. HAHAHA, i thought it was just a plastic plate so didnt see anything wrong

    Till the end i realized its not a plastic plate

  7. i think they are Maori..

  8. Very lame man~ :P Maybe the false alarm indicates "Everyone! Grab your food and GO!" Lolz

  9. thanks, i like this reality show better than alpha nicolekiss. you should do this more often and call it beta nicolekiss projects!..

  10. D'oh! They look like islander. Not Asian or Hispanic/Mexican. Talk about stereotyping...

  11. Hey I think they are Maori, are they considered asian then? =) btw, this is so funny, good job as usual :)

  12. nicole, she's a Maori laa :p but i get what you mean by saying 'asian style'. what a crack up!

  13. maybe she went back and return the plate and pay leh! LOL

  14. Firstly, why is NZ the youngest country?

    Secondly, I don't think the lady and ladies are asian. More like Maori. If you are ashamed of being asian, just keep it to yourself and not try to put down others. And worse! In this case they are not even asian!

    Thirdly, I think you are ASSUMING she didn't pay. Maybe she brings the plate back and paid for her meal? We have no way of ascertaining whether she paid or not. So why don't you just give her the benefit of a doubt. Plus you are not even from NZ, thus wouldn't know their culture with regards to these type of situations.

    Lastly, I think you owe the lady (and ladies) and apology for your embarassing and libelious statements. And to plaster her picture (and hubby's) on your blog shows how immature and disrespectful to other ppl country and citizens.

  15. hey Mr anonymous,

    firstly, it's stated on New Zealand site itself that it's the youngest.

    secondly, i did mention it cud be a stereotype and that i could be wrong. but then if you think that being an asian is shameful, keep that thought to yourself.

    thirdly, the lady walked in another direction toward the CARPARK. & i went back to the restaurant and continued to dine there. I even shared the photos with the manager and waitresses and we all laughed about it.

    finally, it's my blog so shut up abt it. :) *smiley face*

  16. Hi Anonymous! In my point of view, with regards to your third point, Nicole's observation was that the lady "walked in the other direction, AWAY!!!!" from the restaurant, so one could reasonably assume that she didnt pay for the food?

    I'll leave your first, second and last point to the author herself.

  17. Nicole, maybe u need to put in referencing from now on? Hahah

    Is there a reference "Maori is Asian" cuz its a lil hard to believe...

    For instance, i too did not get what u were saying NZ was the youngest country on earth till u posted the link, but being ur regular reader i ignored it

  18. Isn't this similar to typical Malaysian behavior? Lol...

  19. Hahahaha...the nerve of some people.

  20. Hi Nicole, i has been following your blog but this is my 1st time to leave a comment here. It's cool travel blog and i like the way you live the moment by travelling around the world. Just out of my curiousity, you travel most of the time and no need to work gal?^-^

  21. Maori is not Asian, lahh! They are Polynesian!!! I don't think they like to be called Asian.

  22. The pot calling the kettle black!

  23. lol seemed like your stalking the woman! lol. i like your blog btw^^

  24. hi ! nicole ! Just like you said , them haters ! Shouldn't even bother to reply them ! Pls read other people s blog and respect people s opinion or observation and if you hv nothing better to say , just shut the f up ! Or create your own blog and say what u like ! in d mean time , good job ! Nicole !

  25. This "Anonymous" guy/gal is really getting my nerve!

    Dear, anonymous. If you have nothing good to say, please keep it (or them if you have many =.=''') yourself and there's no medal for you to mumble your negative opinions here...

    Good reply, Nic! ^o^

  26. that mr anonymous is very free nothing to do. i am the anonymous before him, and i was just joking. he shud be ashamed of himself. LOL

  27. maybe its his relatives!!! LOL

  28. Sorry... ><
    I mean the Mr./Ms. "Anonymous" is the one who post comment on 6 September 2009 at 4:40 PM...

    No offense on other "Anonymous"s. ^^

  29. no worries, i am nicole's daily viewer. those rubbish just ignore ahhahaha. be happy always. muaks! mich

  30. Did you pay yours? Oppps .... What a question! Of course not because you always get to eat free!

  31. That's shameful. I assume those couples are Indians.

  32. pfft...Indians

  33. I love what you highlighted here. Some of the bloggers don't really highlight immoral acts like this one. But you do. Bravo to you for your kind concern and your courage. Am now your official follower