Xpax Party and My New Curve

(Taking a break from the New Zealand trip, here's a little update on my life now)

Last Saturday I attended the Xpax party in Sunway.

attending blackberry event

xpax sign
Hardsell photo. :p

Was pretty excited because I got myself a brand new phone!!

posing with my blackberry

Wanted my baby to get another one so we can own the same phone. So I stole another bb phone.

two blackberrys in the face

Nah just kidding. I still have one Blackberry. It's my New Curve~~
To be exact, it's Curve 8520. They were offering RM888 package that night. Pretty cheap in my opinion.

blackberry xpax balloon
serenading under the Xpax balloon wtf

Some funny shots at the party.

blackberry phone cardboardblackberry phone cardboard 2

Oh look, I'm inside the Blackberry Curve.

popping out of blackberry phone
I'm Ju On, coming out from the Blackberry near you.

I got back to my hotel, unpacked everything,

all the accessories and phone

and charged my virgin phone.

my new blackberry curve 8520

*evil grin to phone*
"Ho ho ho... tonight I'm going to pop your cherry, you naughty Curve"


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Popping cherries and curves.Hmmm....

    What a way to describe the exhilaration!

  2. cool phone..cant wait to get one :)

  3. I want one too, can I have yours? Please please please?

  4. Nicole, i would like to pop your cherry too.

  5. OMG i totally thought the shots of u in the blackberry was u taking ur camera and taking a picture of ur new bb with ur pictures in it. haha.
    anyways, congrats on finally having ur bb!!
    -imma bb hardcore fan as well :D

  6. 888 kick ass! I will get one if it offer the same price in Kuching!

    I notice you have got slimmer ;)

  7. Hope I'll be able to win one :p

  8. myself, prefer an Android OS PDA phone