Marlborough Wine Country

The first thing I did the moment I hit South from the North Island was to visit the Marlborough Wine Country.



Located at the tip of of the South Island, the wine country was my biggest motivation to cross the ocean and head straight for my 3 days long wine trail in the most popular vineyard valley in New Zealand - Marlborough.


When you get off the ferry, you'll land youself straight in Picton town (after being dropped off by a free-service van from the port).

picton town

You'd arrive in front of an information centre where you could book your tour, accommodation and bus ticket to the next nearest town.

It's only half an to an hour bus ride away to the towns of Marlborough wine region.

trip from picton to blenheim

So from here I bought my bus ticket to Blehneim, one of the two towns in the centre of the wine country.

marlborough map
Map of Marlborough wine trail. Blehneim town on the right shaded area.

The other town being Renwick (on the right).

It was near 9pm by the time I reached my guesthouse near the town of Renwick. The bus driver was nice enough to drop me just in front of my guesthouse, before driving the rest of the passenger down to Nelson, the next nearest town which was an hour away.

my bedroom in marlborough

camwhoring in my room

I turned in early, not before calling home to inform my love ones back home that I have arrived safely (though I doubt they know where exactly I was).

Like almost every single time I arrived at a brand new place in New Zealand, it was always too dark to know where I've landed myself till the very next day.

This time, I woke up realising that I was being surrounded by apple trees!

apple trees

apples on tree

Care for some apples?

red apples

There were lemons too!

lemon tree

This was the pay phone that I tried to used last night but failed, so I borrow the owner's mobile phone after much begging and got home to call me back instead.

phone booth and guesthouse

in the garden
me in the garden

I woke up really early (around 7:30am?) so I could get a head start on my first day in the fantastic wine region, in case I couldn't cover the whole region in two days.

I decided to rent a bicycle to get around. Unfortunately for me, most car rental companies were out of cars in this region that day, it was easter holiday, so boo hoo me.

bicycle shed

Oh well, good for work out, yes?

me and bicycle

It's the law here that you HAVE to wear a helmet when you cycle.

me and my bicycle helmet

Not that my skull needs any protecting, it's thick enough. :p

Thank god I didn't look too shabby in it, or I would die of fashion horror.

cycling in marlborough

Plugging in my Ipod, I managed to start the sunny yet chilly day cycling on a ridiculously straight and LONG road.

straight road in marlborough

It's actually really uplifting considering I was surrounded by mother nature's best.

marlborough vineyard

Look at the mountains in the distant.

new zealand marlborough vineyard

So beautiful.

my shadow
only my shadow and me

Then I arrived at my first winery!!!

cloudy bay
Cloudy Bay - a rather commercialized brand

My first wine grapes of the day.

wine grapes

My first wine tasting session.

champagne glass

My first winery tour.


And my first winery shopping spree! (of the day ok, not of my life :p)

wine skin

And my FIRST grapes tractor!


I've never visited a vineyard during the period of harvesting or planting before.
It was always somewhere in between whenever I visited a vineyard.

red autumn leaves

It was April this year when I visited Marlborough and since most grapes are normally harvested in February up to mid March, I was lucky enough to see a harvesting in action!

harvesting in vineyard

One did the plucking, the other did the collecting.

harvesting grapes

"Interesting. So that's how it works?" I thought.
(sorry but I was actually anticipating to see farmers going down the vineyard to do the hand picking)

I did a few more wineries following that and bought some wines which I stuffed them onto my bicycle pouch at the back.

allan scott winery outer entrance

purchase a bottle of allan scott
my first wine purchased! ka-ching!

parking my bicycle
bicycle pouch, such convenient thing

camwhore with allan scott sign

Then it was noon and I was hungry. I hadn't had breakfast, so I made a bee-line to the boutique winery restaurant I set my mind off after scanning through my map.


Herzog, my favourite 5-star rated wine and dine boutique restaurant and boutique winery of my choice in the whole of New Zealand.

entrance to herzog restaurant

front porch of herzog restaurant

I cycled in and parked my bike at the side before retreating to a table out in their private garden behind the restaurant.

dining in boutique restaurant Herzog

It's no cheap affair dining here, so be prepared to splurge a good 50-100 bucks (NZD) if you really want to enjoy a fanta-bulous meal.

Because their ridiculously small portioned and thinly sliced but superbly delicious appetizer of beef salami with rocket leaves cost a hefty NZD24.

salami slices salad

O look, a wine cat.

winery cat

Who says only a winery that has one or more wine dogs produces great wine. Wine cat works just as great.

Then halfway drinking and taking in my surrounding, I met this lovely Australian couple next to me, trying to chat me up.

lovely neighbourhood

I ended up moving to their tables moments later, and even shared a dessert with them.

The events that followed the next few hours was incredible, and almost unbelievable.
But believable at the same time as this was not my first time having spontaneous encounter that threw you off your shoes.

Because the next thing I knew, I was in this couple's car.

lovely couple chauffering me around

Holding my map.

my jotted map of Marlborough wine country

And have them drove me to all the desired wineries I had wanted to visit on my bicycle that day.


lovely wife

It just mind-boggled me how nice people can be.

The moment they knew I was on bicycle, they just offered incessantly that I were to join them for the day on the wine tour.

sitting at the backseat of strangers' car
sitting in their comfy backseat

It was obviously much easier, and a lot faster to be driving than to cycle. Following that afternoon, I've visited all the wineries I had set out to visit the night before.

In fact, I covered most of the places in such speed, I decided to leave Marlborough a day earlier to head further down South.

*do the happy dance*


framingham winery

wine cellar

It's amazing how an industry as old-fashioned as wine-making can catch up so fast to our modernly pace.

facebook forrest

Now wineries have their own facebook page!!

I even managed to visit this Wairau River winery to have an afternoon snack of their infamous CHEESE SOUFFLE!!!

wairau river glass

giant wooden cutlery

eating cheese souffle


nom nom nom

Photo of my foot on pebbles.

I think I was just about tipsy when this photo was taken

Thank GOD I wasn't cycling the whole day.

Because later that evening when there's no more open wineries to visit, after dropping me back at Herzog winery where I left my bicycle, I was whoozing all the way on my bike back to my guesthouse.

I cycled left, right, in circles, just not straight.
(And this was after sobering up a little.)

I was lucky, there was scarcely any car on the road at that hour.

I remembered petting a horse on my way back.

I remembered going in zig-zag motion in one of the narrower secluded road.

I DIDN'T remember how I managed to carry three bottles of wines in my pouch, balancing in my state of unsteadiness, and cycled 3km back to my room.

standing in front of herzog
check out my ipod hang in front of ze bike!

Kids. Never drink and cycle.

ps// I compiled a list of Top 5 Marlborough wineries. Check it out.


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