The Big New Zealand Trip

So this was my brilliant plan.

To land my bottom in the main hub of New Zealand - Auckland, and somehow someway find my way all around the country in two weeks time, travelling from North Island to the South.

grand plan of New Zealand trip

But only taking one domestic flight from Auckland to the Capital city - Wellington.

Before finally flying out from Christchurch two weeks later.

Not difficult to sort it out eh?

So basically I just have to figure out my transport from Wellington to Christchurch.

the beach

Afterall, it's just an ocean apart and some 337km of land journey away. o.O
*will talk about that later*

Back to Auckland. My stay in Auckland started with a bang.

lady making fire
that's flame coming out from her mouth

Nothing beats a good old hit-the-pub-and-get-drunk first evening.
(actually it was the 2nd evening considering I landed at night)

I met up with my Auckland reader Amy (as read here) who introduced me to her boyfriend and they brought me to a local pub for some authentic Flaming Lamborghini.

flaming lamborghini
Actually it was the table next to us who ordered it.

Now that's what I called a F.Lambo!!
(Makes our Malaysian style looks pretty fag.)

Basically the human induced flame will melt the straws and let the colorful liquors drop into more liqours. But the stunt was awesome!

I opted for something more feminine.


A special concoction donno-what-its-name made up by the bartender.

peace and cocktail

All tipsy and ready to go!
Let's get this kiwi entry started!

My host was a friend-once-removed who picked me up from the airport and comfortably tucked into their house on my first night.

(And later transported me to a friend-twice-removed house the second and third night, wtf)

The second morning, Amy and bf took me on a roadtrip to the north (it's actually a personal affair trip but I itchy butt tagged along).

first leg of north island route

All the way up to Kaitaia (or near there).

With this little fellow.

junior the chihuahua

Name's Junior and he's the horniest little thing ever.
(Will mention about that in a bit)

I brought my little friend along too.

me and cookie taking the backseat

Meet Cookie. Again. (Little fellow has traveled with me to quite a number of countries now)

me and cookie 2

We took the backseat while the driver drove on toward Kaitaia. Which would take HOURS, considering the nauseatingly windy road.

amy and bf driving

And all this for what?
You'll never guess.

To meet Junior's wife.

amy and junior
actually that would be Junior's little playmate
and actually the playmate is the little puppy to the left, not the mother jumping at the leg

She's the cutest little thing ever.

cute little mix chihuahua

little girl chihuahua

chihuahua rolling on the grass

Gave me the impulse to get a chihuahua of my own really.

Then for the first time in Junior's life, despite the youth of the female puppy, he got an erection. CONSISTENTLY!


He can't stop wanting to hump her at every possible chance the whole journey back. LOL
To the point that Amy has to sit at the back just to hold Junior back while the other sat in front, or vice versa.

Poor little girl, probably has been raped a million times by now.

driving pass keri keri

On the way back, we drove pass Kerikeri, which was really near to Bay of Islands.

Stopped by for a lunch break

Now Bay of Islands was made popular by this author named Zane Grey who took a turning at the Edge of the World, aka Cape Brett, and discovered the beauty of Bay of Islands almost 90 years ago. You can read about the story here.

cape brett

Intrigued by how beautiful this place would be, I made Amy and bf made a detour to travel back to Auckland via the seaside route, and dropping by the corner of the mainland where the bay laid, just to take in a breather.

yachts at bay of islands

view of bay of island

me on bridge

Obviously I was too far from the true wonders of the bay and the group of islands lying far off from the mainland.

But standing where I was, I could almost imagine how amazing this place could be.

bay of islands in the distance

Surrounded by clusters of small emerges from the sea.


Not wanting to drag the long haul roadtrip for too long, we departed for Auckland almost too shortly. Arriving back in town just in time for dinner.

Next day, I met up with friend-thrice-removed Annie together with my second night host (also friend-twice-removed Ms Sook Ping) (This is getting confusing) for a shopping spree in Auckland!!!

amy and dog

Oh but look, what's this?

shih tzu in a bag

A Shih Tzu!! Inside a trolley bag! Going shopping!!

pampered shih tzu

Guys, this was (is) the 6000 Autralian dollars dog that migrated/flew from Malaysia and now was (is) the legal citizen of New Zealand, complete with chip inside him - Teebo.

new zealand citizen shih tzu

You lucky pampered little thang.

As for shopping, I bought quite a few things and a few gifts for love ones back home, and also this.


A beret!


Now I was all french.

me beret and outfit

Just in case you critical asses out there who want to judge, I DO realise there's a proper way to wear your beret.

Which is to cup it over your head down to the upper front part of your forehead, and tilt it to one side. Like this.

pink beret

But fashion has evolved since, you can practically wear it in any sense you want. As long as it looks good.

TweedBeret fergie-wavy-hairstyle-with-beret-vodka-party-07 kokin-discus-beret

So stop judging you anal pricks.

And I looked gooood.

posing with my beret

camwhore in mirror with beret

Best AUD 21 buy.

Oh and Annie? You should consider getting a beret too for Teebo. :D

doggie Beret

Finally, we ended the day by retreating back to Annie's place with Sook Ping and all the other friends-thrice-removed.

annie house

While lounging around, the ladies whipped up a delicious home-cook meal paired with Feijoa fruit juice!

lounging around

I was beginning to like the life of a kiwi.


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