Cadbury Factory Australia

It would have to be CRAZY for me NOT to visit a chocolate factory.

posing behind cadbury

So even knowing that the Cadbury factory in Tasmania, Australia didn't allow visitors to tour their factory anymore, which was an utter bummer, I was still keen to visit the visitor center.

As most would say, for the sake of it.

cadbury entrance tasmania

me at cadbury entrance

So one morning, Jerine took me on a bus to visit the Cadbury Factory located slightly out of town (it'll take around an hour to reach by bus).

welcome sign

If you're not a fan of chocolate, to be honest, there really was NO POINT to visit this visitor centre.

Few reasons.

1. It cost AUD7.50 to enter.

2. You don't get to see the factory in production.

3. The only thing you'd receive from the fee you paid was the chocolate Easter egg from the entrance lady.

girl at entrance

4. You'll spend more money buying their merchandises which you wouldn't need.

cadbury merchandises

cadbury chocolate candles
Anyone want chocolate candles?

5. You'll spend even more money on chocolate goodies from the Cadbury line from their store there, of which price will not differ from supermarket's.

cadbury shop

Though if you're lucky, you might want to consider hitting the store during sales.

40 cents easter eggs

And it's always fun and exciting to be surrounded by all varieties of chocolates.

cadbury bars

cadbury chocolates

one left
Ohh! Last box! Faster grab it!

But then again, if you're not a fan of chocolate, then I guess it wouldn't be half an exciting for you then.

Really, I'd strongly suggest skip the whole damn thing if, and only if, you don't get orgasmic-ally excited seeing chocolates.

The only interesting part of the whole place, I guess, was the lab guy who would show you the different types of chocolates of Cadbury's.

chocolate testing man

How they pair the ingredients

different types of cadbury

and you get to sample each, just to know how raw cocoa syrup taste like,

cocoa syrup
very smooth, but very very bitter.

or what makes a white chocolate.

essence of cadbury
cocoa butter, the key ingredient in making white chocolate.

Do you know there's no cocoa content in White Chocolate. Funny how they would even call it a chocolate.

white chocolate dream

Well, at least I sampled some things.


Yum. I got to sample free milk chocolate flakes.

chocolate flakes

And took photo with the Cadbury car.

nicolekiss and chocolate cadbury car

Which happened to be there for ages now.

cadbury car
There's a tv attached to it

The only other highlight of the visit was to watch a 10 min documentary of how Cadbury came about.

conference room

It would have been education and enlightening, but Jerine was rushing to go back so we have to cut the trip short. Besides, we didn't want to miss our last bus home.

So we looked around at some of the items displayed in the center before making our way back.

Like the Cadbury family.

cadbury men

in space.

cadbury space family

which they flew in their Cadbury rocket ship.

cadbury rocket

It was cute.
If only I could just grab them and eat them.

cadbury tourists

cadbury armless statue

Wait, were they even real chocolates?


11 kissed Nicole

  1. This is heaven for chocoholics like me.

  2. I think you've been to 'your' heaven... You make me want to crunch a piece of chocolate now... ^^

  3. nice...i always love cadbury chocolates..

  4. ur so lucky i envy u!!
    take more pics! i love watching em =)

  5. Why the factory is closed for visiting?

  6. I'm a HUGE fan of the caramel Easter chocolate eggs, and the best time to get it it post-Easter, coz they really mark down the prices. I've never seen 40 cents though (probably coz I get mine from Coles), but close enough. :)

  7. i'd go crazy in a place like that! chocolates everywhere... my kind of day!

  8. chocolate is nice..
    would try to visit this place if i ever get the chance to visit there.. =)

  9. come to dunedin, new zealand :) there's a cadbury chocolate factory here too! and after that you can hit queenstown and go snowboarding/bungee jumping.

  10. If only Malaysia has this..... hahaha...but i thinkk all the chocs would have melted..... i had to buy a p pair of covered shoes before i could go in..... slippers could not do....