Peace Yo!

Short note: Really, I don't even know why I'm even bothered with haters.

You tell them the fella didn't pay cause you saw it with your own eyes and even verified it with the restaurant itself, they still keep telling you that you're wrong and that indeed the fella did pay.

Remember the very popular youtube video back in 2006 "Yellow Fever"? (if not go google/youtube it)

Apparently the same group of people have created a new video (formed a production company too since) called the "Peace Sign" and it's totally hilarious!!

Hahaha! You gotta love the Asian minds.


5 kissed Nicole

  1. 14mins... phieww... I watch up to 12mins... lol..

    and good 2 know.. ;-p

  2. Yeah I saw the video a couple weeks ago... it's hilarious! WongFu produces the most entertaining Asian/FOB culture videos IMO. Having lived in the US among 2nd generation Asian American communities, I find it really funny that some of the seemingly exaggerated facts about the FOB culture are actually true ;)

  3. Another really awesome WongFu Production . These guys are brilliant , they work pretty closely with Far East Movement as well . Which you got to check out the song , Girls On The Dance Floor . Gonna be a huge hit soon . Every year they organized this concerst , ISA which suppose to stand for International Secret Agent and celebrates all the American Asians act . This year , Lydia Paek , another pretty famous youtuber , JUUKES hosted it . You should check it out , people like Quest Crew and KevJumba went . Pretty rad .

  4. Wong fuuu!:D love them! i posted the same video on my site not long't know you knew them too!:) their good! ;)

  5. nice!! i'm shaing it on FB =)