The Sims 2 & Blackberry Party

Just thought I update this quickly before I head off to bed.

It's been an easy week and I've been hooked onto The Sims 2 for three consecutive days now.

Was actually looking for some easy games for my mom to play but in the end I found The Sims collection through my brother's pc games stash. All hail bro and his collection.

Now I'm so deadly hooked onto building a family and raising a toddler, buying a new house, I completely forgotten how to actually stand up and walk outside the house.

Anyway, games aside. I really need to sort out what to wear for this Saturday's Blackberry Party in Replubic, Sunway Pyramid.

It says the theme is party chic.

Erm.. do I actually have anything that's like that? *rummage through wardrobe*

Oh, if you want to get an invite ,you can pre-register yourself at this site to grab two invites to the party. Starts at 8pm.

It's totally worth going if you're intending to check out the latest blackberry curve.

Wait? Do I have plus one? Damn, I think I better pre-register myself first.


2 kissed Nicole

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  2. i'll see you at the party :D