My New Blackberry Skin

It's new.

It's pink.

And it's not the typical skin you think can be bought from a phone shop.

Check out my New BB Skin!!!

new bb skin 4

new bb skin 2

I got it skinned more than 10 days ago.
It's sooo pretty now I just fell in love with my new BB more!

At first I wanted to buy the skin for most BBs, kinda like a gel-stretchy like wrap-around the phone.

Because I didn't want to scratch my new phone and was so scared that any minute that I would drop it and break it into a million pieces (or at least land a scratch mark on it that it's irreversible).

But then someone suggested to me that I might as well really "skin" it rather than buying a cover for it.

So I did.

new bb skin 3

new bb skin 5

It only cost RM50.

Now I'm not afraid of scratching it anymore. ^^!!!

super *heart* my BB.


12 kissed Nicole

  1. Hi nicole, may i know where u buy the skin for your bb? kindly advice..too..looking forward to hear from you too...

  2. Hi,

    But if you skinned it, Does the warranty of the phone still stays?

  3. It is cool, love it :)
    Do drop by when u r online.
    Have a great weekend and all the best!

  4. hye nichole,
    this is my first time dropping here.
    just want to say that..
    you are so beautiful..!
    really love ur eyes..!

  5. Is it stick-on skin or cover skin? Nice skin though... :)

  6. hi!
    ca ypu please tell me where to buy this bb's silicone case? it's hard to find la.

  7. Now that's a good way to protect your blackberry.

    I got my own HTC just 3 days ago, and I was straight away finding a way to protect my new phone. So I bought the plastic covering (stretchable type).

    Cost about RM45 for that silicone case and another RM40 for the front glass panel. RM85 =.="

  8. Cool!

  9. lolx.. should get invisible shield protections. less than a hundred.

  10. hi nichole,
    I am really astounded to see this fabulous stuff by you... simply love it.