Love Vouchers

One of the first few places I visited in Auckland were the sex shops there.

auckland on a rainy day

It's amazing how many varieties they have down there compared to Malaysia or even Singapore. The list can go on and on.

Even the Woman Controller was spotted in one of these shops in Auckland, New Zealand.

I managed to snap a few photos of some of the creative erotic/love items there.

candy underwear
Finally, something for the ladies.

But didn't manage to snap any of the actual toys, you know, vibrators and stuff.

Because I was too busy playing with them. (Ok, that came out wrong)

I mean I was too busy playing with them with the salesman. (Ok.... that sounded even worse. I'm digging my own hole here, oh F*ck, I didn't mean that either)


Let's look at some of the items I snapped.

This is what I call educational food.

sex pasta

Kama Sutra pasta. Learn while you eat.

sex pasta close up

Something every lady wants.

pink furry handcuff

Pink furry handcuff. (Reminds me of Pinky. :p)

It was all giggly and stuff when something really creative caught my eye.

Something your love one, or someone u're dating and has a huge crush on you, will definitely ermm...... enjoy.

love voucher for him for her

Love Vouchers for Him and for Her.

What you, as the giver, do, is that you flip open the voucher book and pick a selection,

a massage

sign your name, write down the receiver's name and date of issue. And the receiver will entitle to whatever offer that voucher prescript. In this case, a massage.

I mean, it can be a candlelight dinner on rain check on whatever date she/her prefers.

candlelight dinner

Or it can be something really sweet like breakfast in bed.

breakfast in bed

Something I'm sure every girl or guy would want.

Imagine waking up one morning and decidedly you want to be pampered and submit the voucher to your love one to receive a homemade breakfast in bed. Awe~~

(Warning: content can be explicit from here henceforth, please exit the window if you are below 16)

Then things get a bit saucy after that. If you're up for it.

Try an erotic massage voucher.

an erotic massage

Or something more intimate, way.... more intimate.

rock and roll sex session

And if you're really feeling up for it, go all sacrificial for an all out session.

an all inclusixe sex session

It's time to whip out the Kama Sutra Pasta.

And finally, if you claim yourself adventurous enough, I dare you to give this voucher to your sex addict boyfriend/girlfriend.

wild sex at the location of your choice

Go on, I dare you.

(print the picture out and send it to your love one)


5 kissed Nicole

  1. haha do they have a romantic version of the voucher instead of a goofy cartoon one? lol

  2. Ha ha.. Very funny..
    I just watch your Project Alpha episode 2....
    It is good to be a travel blogger??
    Maybe I'm not suit..

  3. *LOL*

    Such vouchers really existed ah? :D

  4. Hahaha. They were so innocent to begin with and then they got so naughty!! I like it :)

  5. I just got back to Auckland!
    I do realize that there's like a lot of Adult shops in the city center itself. It really shows the "Culture" of the country huh. =)