Crossing from North Island to South Island

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People visit the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, for two reason.

One is to claim that they've been to the capital of New Zealand.

Second is to cross over to and from the South Island(or North Island).


I found out there are only two common ways to cross between the two islands in NZ. First is, obviously, to fly. The other, more commonly used by locals and the adventure seeker, is to take a ferry.
(Third of course is to swim).

blue bridge ship

Few reasons. It's cheaper, well, kind of. If you don't manage to get promo fare of the flights, then it only makes sense to take ferry (I boarded the Bluebridge). Priced at NZD50 per way per person.

Or when you want to bring your car over to the South Island.

entering cargo of ship
moving house applies too

cars in cargo

Then there's the adventurous side of me where I just wanted to experience crossing the Cook Strait and to observe the Marlborough Sounds with my own eyes.

bluebridge from wellington

Marlborough Sounds are all the island and bay extensions from the tip of South Island

wind in my face
It finally got windy on the last day

I have to be honest here. When I decided I was to board a ferry to the South Island, I thought I was going to be stuck on a dodgy ferry with little comfort for few hours before finally arriving in civilization again.

Little did I expect that I was going to be welcomed with a full facilitated lounge!

lounge area

bluebridge front lounge

Equipped with snack bars in every corner of the ship. Beers, chips, sandwich, hot food, you name it.

snack bar in the lounge

Cafes with dining tables.

outer deck snack bar

dining area next to snack bar

Sit in movie theater.

seats for movie

Or get a beer and head up to the upper deck to enjoy some chilly wind.

upper deck

me on the upper deck

From where I could see the harbour of Wellington which I was about to leave behind.

harbor of wellington

Soon, the ferry slowly roared its engine and left its port, leaving the town of Wellington in the dust.

leaving wellington behind

departing from wellington

the back of the ferry

While the view of mainland grew more and more distant.

leaving wellignton behind

Soon it would getting cold.

windy and cold

So I decided to head inside and grab a two seater sofa by myself in the lounge and slept. I had three hours ahead of me.

camwhore in the mirror

a view of me lounging

lounging around

When I woke up, we (the ferry) were engulfed amongst the Marlborough Sounds.

marlborough sounds

marlborough sounds 2
wide angle

It was quite beautiful really. But it was also too cold to be standing outside for too long.

bench on deck

Soon Picton harbour was coming into view.

picton harbour

Picton is a small port town in New Zealand that plays the important role of acting as the connecting hub from Picton (South) to Wellington (North) or vice versa.

There are, however, few activities worth exploring here. Tourists often travel south to the wine country for some wine trails trekking and tasting, or mountain bike around some of the gorgeous mountain treks in this region, or take a cruise out to the Marlborough Sounds to capture the beauty of Cook Strait.

picton harbour 3

At a corner, yachts were abundance.

harbour and yachts at picton

I wasn't going to be stop by Picton for long, but to know that I've finally arrived at the second island of New Zealand... enticed me!

vertical view of picton harbour

Southern Island
. Here I come.

descending the platform


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  1. Try swimming across next time, heard that its good for you. Blek...

  2. i love the facilities they have in a ferry. it sure feels great when all your hopes are down thinking that its just gonna be another ride when they actually surprise you with everything!

  3. Can I know how u insert your blog name into the photo?

  4. what great fun! i wish i could be out somewhere taking some great pics like you. good for you! :)

  5. Thanks for the Crossing info....We just did the South Island in NZ just b4 CHRISTmas 2009. Will look to nth nz later....South REALLY GOOD !!!!