Australia - First stop, Gold Coast

Australia has always been a country I have been dying to visit since England - which was the first priority when I was 17 simply because it was farther and has this impression that it's more difficult to reach, hence I ended up studying there.


But by the age of 20, having visited most of the westernised countries such as USA, western Europe and the UK; Australia (and New Zealand) became the last first-world westernised continent in the globe I have not paid my respect to.

Which was rather odd considering that it was also the closest westernised continent to Malaysia.

Hence earlier this year I booked a flight to Gold Coast through Airasia free flight promo and without considering the cost (literally), I took the plunge to complete my final conquest.

nicolekiss australia journey
Gold Coast - Adelaide (Barossa + Clare Valley) - Melbourne - Canberra - Sydney - Hunter Valley - Newcastle - Brisbane - Gold Coast

The whole trip took me a total of 5 weeks.

As soon as I booked my return ticket to Gold Coast, I got my journey in Australia pretty much sorted out. It's not usual for me to plan my trip, but alas I'm not made out of money and travelling in Australia ain't cheap either. It's a bloody continent for heaven's sake, it takes 6 hours of flight just to get from one end to the next.

Hence in order to land myself a cheap fare on Virgin Blue and to save time on the road (5 weeks was too short to cover even quarter of Australia, there's no time to waste!), I booked my domestic flights in Australia from Gold Coast to Adelaide to Melbourne. As for the rest of the journey, I decided that I would sort it out when I arrive in OZ, attempting to use their awesome domestic coach service - Greyhound.

One of the best BEST things I LOVE about being a blogger, is that I have readers (duh!) in various parts of the world. When I announced my coming arrival to Australia few months back, several readers emailed me to request for a meet up, some were so nice as to offer to show me around town. I accepted eagerly.

Jessie email
Jessie I LOVE YOU!!!!! I miss you so much OMG
you HAVE to go camping with me next year!

Meeting with readers when you are travelling is one of the most amazing experiences one can have. (I especially LOVE Australians readers. They are just so GOD DAMN friendly).

So with several meet ups around Australia planned, I began my journey down south.

After six hours of flight without food (expensive ok!) on Airasia X, which surprisingly have rather comfortable seats (I said "rather"),

selected menu on hangzhou and goldcoast flight

I landed in Gold Coast with a too ugly top and trousers (I was backpacking ok, who dress up for backpack one?! You siao fashion critics!) and immediately met up with my first reader in Australia. Patricia was kind enough to give me a ride from the Airport before she went to work.

pat and me

She took me to a look-out point in Gold Coast which simply took my breath away.

gold coast sea
"Is this Australia OMG?!"

Despite a seemingly bright sun,

the sun
"ahh.... Golden Coast"

It was in the depths of winter when I set foot in Australia (August). It was bloody cold.

gold coast overlooking surfer's paradise
OMG those crazy surfers in the sea!

me at gold coast look out point

The worst thing was a couple of friends in Australia told me the weather was "nice" in August and without giving it a second thought, I brought a few sweaters and jeans and left Malaysia. That night, and my very first night, I was freezing under three layers of comforters wearing two layers of jumpers. -.-

Later Patricia brought me for my very first breakfast in Australia at Coffee Club.

as the bottle said, drink your di-hydrogen oxide.

Where I have my "Lifestyle Breakfast"

lifestyle breakfast
AUD15++!! o.O

pepper on lifestyle breakkie
RM 45 wtf! (conversion was AUD1 to RM3 when I went, damn it)

And Patricia her Eggs Benedict.

eggs benedict

With the chill, I couldn't resist a cup of hot cocoa (out of the 35 cups I have, that's one for every day in OZ).

hot cocoa at coffee club
I miss my Hot Cocoa with marshmallow! I have not had these since since.. since England o.O. (cold weather ma)

Few days passed and I began to feel that Australia felt pretty much like England.

From the food they eat (oh I miss Fish n Chips), the price of pre-packed sandwich

expensive sandwich
Yep, equally expensive wtf (England's was 3~4 pounds)

the slutty clubbing outfits most women wear (especially in Gold Coast oh la la), the fat nation, bloody cold winter, weird English accent and over-priced bananas.

expensive banana

In fact, as weeks went by, the impression grew and when I arrived Melbourne, I concluded that Australia was more English than England itself in so many ways.

For example, chimneys in England is a dying architecture. I was surprised that I have seen more chimneys in Melbourne than in Manchester and London combine.


When it comes to cultural aspect, Australia pale in comparison with the rich history invested UK. Edinburgh castle for one is my dream home.

However, due to geographical position, Australia, unlike England, has a lot more to offer. Lots of land for vineyards and wineries developments, hordes of wallabies and kangaroos. They have so many it's a huge risk driving on road without insurance, you know, in case you hit a human-size kangaroo.

kangaroo pouch

Kangaroo Scrotum wtf.


15 kissed Nicole

  1. We knew it long ago you travelled to Australia and you did wrote about it.
    We want Bangkok!!!!!! How is the life you are leading now? A girl all alone in a riot city.

    Why don't you interview some fashion designers/models/artists/chefs/monks/a normal trader?

    A hooker? The life of a Thai hooker?

    Stop blogging old stuff girl, you are getting bored now.

    We are rooting for you all the time. Take good care of yourself.

  2. i'm from perth, and i yet haven't visited the goldcoast :O

  3. Coffee Club! I used to hang out there during my uni days... I miss their Cafe Vienna! And Gold Coast!

  4. hi nicole,
    been reading ur blogs for quite a while now :) reli envy u can go to so many places and countries. wat do u work actually> are u a model cos u look gorgeous :D keep up the good works n write more interesting places which u visited **

  5. Bangkok

  6. hi anonymous,

    mayb u are not a diligent reader of nicolekiss, thats y even when she has written quite a lot on her trip to Thailand u stil not aware of them... moreover, i think nicole has her very own way of blogging, we all enjoy reading.

    also, if next time u want to comment on anyone, please b more courteous..

    if u so clever go and write ur own blog la 'pang'..

  7. HI Nicole

    There you are...everywhere & globe-trotting....

    Wonder how many people can be like what you're doing as for now...I guess many will simply dream of wishing to do what you're doing now, at such a relatively young age.....

    Have a wonderful life...:-)

  8. nicole,
    I used to study in Perth... but now am in Miri! Come to Miri! :D

  9. The best, and cheapest, parts of Australia start above Brisbane, there are also less fat people because its a healthier lifestyle in the tropics, same as Asia ;-)

    If you are headed to Cairs some time let me know, I own a small B&B and can let the staff know to give you a few days free.

  10. Nice travel time you visit Sydney, you can drop me a message, I'll be more than happy to take you around the city.


  11. Nicole Nicole!! Gold Coast!! OOOO... mmm remember the Q1 tower ;) haha don't forget haha

  12. wow! nicole i really envy u so much, u visited so many places in Australia. im anticipating yr next stop at sydney, melbourne.
    looks like fr yr map u din visit blue mountains, i can tell u blue mountains is indeed nature's wonder, it's breathtakingly beautiful

  13. It was a shame I didn't have a chance to meet you up last time. I am not sure if you are still remember me. I sent you email before you left Gold Coast. I will be back to M'sia on Jan, is there anything you want me to bring you from Australia? Pls don't hesistate to tell me. Love your blog. Keep the good work.

    Siew Moy

  14. Girl, thanks for tagging me along where ever u go...Love to be yr travel companion. Bon Voyage!

  15. Ahww.... Nicole, your travel always make me feel happy. And it is always great to hear from you about meeting readers. Remember to be always safe and rest more. Enjoy your trip!