Pink Audi R8

We know when you combine the color pink and super cars, you're asking for a massive pool of massacre on the road.

And while we female species love to put a dash of the sweetness to everything masculine, you know, to soften the edge.

I draw the line at painting a RM1.8 mil car completely candy like.

pink R8
photo taken from autoblog

I know it's totally Legally Blonde to drive an expensive pink car, e.g. this pink cadillac here.

pink cadillac
photo taken from Autojunk

But come one! An R8?!!

Nothing against the choice of shade, when done nicely, pink can pull off on a Supercar (not the other way around).

Take a look at this Pink Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

photo taken from Topspeed.

But even that has totally killed all the aggressiveness in the car of what it was meant to be.

It looks more like a poodle now.

Still contemplating on my judgment?

It's personal preference of course.

But while you're deciding, here's a Gold R8 side by side with Candy Sweetness.

cold R8
pink R8


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Nice cars...

    Pink is not my No. 1 color but it's kinda cool to have some eye-striking colors on the road. I think it's creative!

  2. Hey, girl. One day Imma gonna drive to your door step with dat Pink Lamborg to pick you up. Watch it.

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