Touring around Auckland

After returning Auckland from my Northern road trip.

auckland morning
the nice sunny chilly morning in Auckland

I met up with Chelsia, the second reader from Auckland (I met her once last year in Gold Coast when she was travelling there).


She drove me over the bridge to downtown Auckland for a walk about before my flight later on that day.

auckland view
taken from the car

I decided to dress up for the beautiful city with my newly bought French beret. Hehe.

french beret look 2

french beret look 1

french beret look 3

french beret look 4

As drove into town, we approached the famous sky tower of Auckland, which I didn't go because I didn't want to do the typical touristy thing like everybody else.

auckland sky tower

Instead, I was brought to lunch to have New Zealand steak.

new zealand steak

A little birdy once told me that New Zealand steak has to be most orgasmic thing one can savour in New Zealand. Choose any restaurant and one won't be displeased.

in a steak restaurant

Well, I have to say...

It displeased me big time.

I was actually really disappointed to find that, not only the meat wasn't tender enough, it was meant to be the good part of a cow (couldn't remember which part, but was recommended by the waitress). Somemore the meat wasn't properly cooked and turned out to be so chewy, it was difficult to swallow.

I mean, it wasn't really really bad. It's just below the standard I was expecting.

medium rare steak

I could have gotten much better steak in Malaysia. Guess it's not just EVERY restaurant in kiwi land serves good steak huh?

Bad birdy!

After lunch, with the few hours I have left in Auckland, I headed out to the street.

walking in auckland city

crossing auckland street
city girl crossing the street.

street look

french beret street look

Stopped by the train station to take some photos.

posing in front of building
oi sir, you're in my picture

posing auckland

posing auckland 2

The Auckland Bitromart Railway Station was (is) a very beautiful architecture and that anyone who came to Auckland has to take a photo of it, or with it.

Or so claimed by Chelsia.

auckland britomart train station

Hey, don't argue with a resident of Auckland, if she said so, then it must be so, right?

auckland bitromart railway

We continued our walk till we came to the harbour where you would find hordes of yachts parked at the bay.

auckland yachts

Auckland claimed itself to be the city of sails, that almost everyone who's able to afford has a yacht.

And true enough, as long there's sea, I saw yachts, not one, nor two.

But hundreds of them.

And they would go sailing during the weekend or whenever they have time, because they LOVE sailing.

I didn't manage to capture any photo of the famous yachts-and-sky-tower (because I was in the car when we crossed the bridge). But here's a photo I got the internet.

Is that plenty or what?

Auckland people must be rich, and really free.

Anyway, near this harbour, there's one particular yacht that wasn't at sea.

It's called the KZ1.

biggest yacht

Or called the Big Boat Challenger.

According to the board underneath it, and I quote: "KZ1 was one of the biggest sloop-rigged yachts ever built. She took just 24 weeks to build (back in 1988)."

KZ1 sign

Just to see how big the yacht is, there's me standing in the distance underneath Big Boat.

New Zealand THE BIG BOAT

Man, I looked small.

Let me stand in front a bit.

new zealand KZ1 - THE BIG BOAT

"There, not so small now are you. Hmph!"

Another activity you could do, apart from sailing and bungee jumping off sky tower, is whale watching.

whale crusing ad

Hey, with all the time and yachts around, there's possibly the best activity to pick.

But alas, my flight awaited. And so I picked up my bag from my host's house, left the key inside and locked myself out.

Chelsia sent me to the airport and consecutively left Auckland, not so much with a heavy heart, but with the anticipation of my next destination scheduled, I boarded New Zealand Air with my French beret and...

on a plane

Headed toward the capital of New Zealand.

Guess where? :D


9 kissed Nicole

  1. oi, please take off my kanasai face, mmm didn't know you have secret filming technique

  2. So sad, you did not get your 'orgasmic delight' from eating that steak. Looks to me it is about more than medium. Anything more than that would be like eating the leather off your shoes.

    I still do not understand why you could look so different in different shots. Is this an 'angle' issue or were you hemming it up big time, again?

    I guessed you had a mighty good time in Auckland. So any dreams of returning there?

    So,what's going on these days with you? Tak balik ke Melaka,kah?

  3. That Steak look yummy...
    WOw.. too many yacht
    Good place to go...

  4. Ah Wellington!
    Wellington is lovely, but are you coming to Christchurch? It's the nicest part of New Zealand in my opinion :)

  5. wonder if u remembered to tell the waitress how u wanted ur steak done...

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  7. i think she meant the INSIDE of britomart station. -__- and the captions were a lil confusing but i hope you didn't think the yellowish brown building was the britomart station as that was the ferry station. cheers.

  8. hi nicole

    ericka here.

    which chelsia are you talking about? issit pinky? does she wear specs from kuching?