Three Four Bronze Pigs in Adelaide

Ladies and Gents...

Presenting the hottest tourist attraction in Adelaide.

bronze pigs

No I'm not pulling your legs.

These really are the VERY famous tourist attraction in Adelaide. Tourists come here to take photo with these pigs.

photo with pig

I don't know. Maybe they think that Adelaide has nothing to attract the tourists with so they created three fake bronze pigs and put them in the middle of the street, say Rundle Mall, along with some fake trash on a fake bin.

fake trash

I mean, no offense, but does it get any lamer than this?

Well hey, whatever goes you know.

If you can't beat them, join them. :D

pigging out with a pig
Pigging out (with a pig?)

Say PIGGY everyone.

group pigs


7 kissed Nicole

  1. I thought there were four! And they even have names! Truffles, Oliver, Horatio and Augusta. You can even check the following website as evidence

    Hmm... Did they got rid of one pig for roast or something?!

  2. Pssst!
    That pig got smell or not?

  3. You didn't mention the two huge balls at the other end as well :p

    And there's a new lights display just above Hungry Jacks shop at the other end.

    They're so cutteee..... XD

  4. Haha, funny! I wonder how you always manage to think of taking these photos though...I often think of it too late...

  5. pig ..
    stone pig AOA ..

    dont they hav other animal to choose


  6. Only thing i miss about adelaide is the AB...oh so yummy...