9 Things to Do When Visiting Wineries - Barossa Valley

So five of us head off in Bronwen's car the next day to Barossa Valley, a vineyard valley an hour's drive north of Adelaide.

roadtrip buddies

On the way we stopped by a local bakery for some snacks and quick breakfast.

cornish pie

chocolate muffins

big cookies

After picking up our snacks, we continued our way into the valleys.

barossa valley roadtrip

With yummilicous meat pies in our hands.

meat pie

Let me present you... Barossa Valley.

beautiful barossa valley
Click here for wallpaper size.

Now let me teach you a thing or two about visiting vineyards.

1. You pick any winery you think it looks good.

gomersal winery
Gomersal, I pick you.

2. Then you walk up to the counter and ask for Free Wine tasting.

wine tasting session
in Richmond Grove


wine tasting

Choose from the menu and pick any wine you wish to try. They will pour in a new glass for you.

3. Color, Smell, Sip and Savour.

Now to drink wine like a pro, or pretend that you are one, so that the barrister doesn't give you a cock-eyed look.

Tilt you glass and observe the color of the wine.

wine from richmond grove winery

Usually the thicker or darker the color, the older or stronger the wine is. Red for redder and white for, no.. not whiter, but more luscious gold for the stronger flavor. I said usually, it does not apply to all wine.

Swirl the glass, so to release the flavour, then take a whiff.

They say 60% of savouring wine is through your nose.

kellermeister red frontignac
Kellermeister's Red Frontignac

wine tasting at kellermeister
Red Frontignac

Now take a sip, let it fill your mouth before allowing it to go down your throat.

And lastly, enjoy the fragrant.

Is it dry? fruity? luscious? rich? light? woody? wtf? or omg?

nicole wine tasting at gomersal
Like OMG there's no wine in my glass!

4. Drink water in between wines.


There will always be a bucket nearby for you spill your glass of water after you gurgle your water (or drink it) to wash down the taste of the previous wine so it doesn't ruin your next wine taste.

Or for you to pour disgusting wine that you cannot finish.

richmond grove barrels
"Oh baby, you know I love you. I will finish you no matter what."

5. Buy buy buy

Well, you don't have to if you don't want to.

But do you know that wines in its local country are so damn cheap as compared to achieving it elsewhere?

All the wines here were like AUD10 to 22. OMG. that's blinking cheap as compared to most of Malaysia's imported Australian wines retailing at RM65 to 135.

gomersal wine

6. Look out for home-made jams.

There will be a few wineries that make their own jams. If you don't mind spending a little bit more, grab a few, they are absolutely delicious.

rockford winery at barossa valley

homemade jams

Try a chutney, they're my most loved.

7. Have lunch in a winery

If you happen to be Barossa valley like I was, then I highly recommend Peter Lehmann for lunch.

peter lehmann menu

They have the most gorgeous indoor setting that just made you want to live in Australia forever.

peter lehmann fire place
Imagine a dog, a cat, hot cocoa, a good book, cold winter night. WOO!

Order a platter of hams or cheese. It's not a lot for lunch, but it's the experience of dining in a winery, next to the cold chilly green field where creeks run,

food platter

and a list of wines for you to choose from that counts.

peter lehmann wine list

Do you want the sweet Moscato?

peter lehmann princess moscato

Or the very sweet Botrytis Semillon

peter lehmann botrytis semillon

Good life. I tell you. Good life.

peter lehmann wine glass

8. Camwhore

sitting on barrel

Seriously, it's just so beautiful at the wineries it's impossible not to camwhore. Not only the scenery was built for your camera, it was so beautiful, you just want to bask in the gorgeousness forever. OMG.


barossa valley

barossa valley evening sky
Click here for wallpaper size.

kellermeister winery - barossa valley evening
Click here for wallpaper size.
This is my favourite.

Even the buildings were so beautiful, you want to cry just looking at them.

richmond grove
Richmond Grove

jacob's creek
Jacob's Creek

Experience is everything. And nothing can save those beautiful experience up than a good camwhoring session with people you met that made the trip ever so amazing.

group photo on barossa valley road trip

me and two germans
Who says adults can't act like kids.

me and brandom on barrels
Me and Bronwen fighting on barrels

nicole in barossa valley adelaide

9. Get drunk

Now if you're not the one driving (or if you are, make sure there are other available drivers), get bloody drunk.

Hey, you're in a wine country for crying out loud. You're surrounded by beautiful sceneries and endless fields to run and roll around like those Indian movies, endless list of FREE WINE, and good company.

Look at our driver, she's your model. So what you're driving!

jessie & brandom & german dude
almost there.

Nothing can be more fun than getting a little whoosy, right? Things will also seem more interesting around you.

moon in barrosa valley
Even the moon looks rounder.

moon bathing

"Bronwen, I think you have just about enough"


11 kissed Nicole

  1. I always love ur pictures! My visit to Yarra Valley in Melb yielded very few good pictures! =(

  2. OMG!
    The view are so gorgeous!!!
    Beautiful. Thank for sharing and do get more for us.. ;)

    Enjoy your holiday~~

  3. Vincent Kok11/1/09 5:34 AM

    Hey nicole... nice photos... i just noticed all ur photos are sharp and nice.. what cam u using to camwhore? :P

  4. OMG! It's not the wines that caught my attention but that delicious meat pie you're holding. I haven't had a proper one in ages and I'm really craving for it now.

    The vineyards looks nice, reminds me of Yarra Valley in Melbourne. Wine county as well. :)

  5. Simple breathtaking!Beautiful sceneries, great coverage on the wine business. Being a 'katak di bawah tempurung' type of person, this really opens my eyes. Will definitely go there one day. Thanks for sharing on Barossa, Nicole!

  6. Wholesomely agrees Nicole, that an adult can act like kids & have fun as they want to.....It's our own life- no hold barrier & Nike tagline used to say : "Just DO it"..... :D

  7. Been there just last month, Barossa is amazing!!

    I did also go to the Whispering Wall, which is a dam that allows the soundwaves to spread from one end of the dam to the other without you shouting, even whispers can be heard!! And also the Lavender Farm ,which was really nice as well.

    I don't agree with the fake wine pro thingy, most of the promoters there are super friendly and they wouldn't mind if you said u were and ameteur, they would still pile wine on you. One of them told me that it doesn't matter who thinks it's good, as long as you like it, it's good enough. ^_^

    Loved Wolf Blass too, noticed Italliannes sells them too, at a more ridiculous price XD

  8. I wanna go to Australia on my coming Bday!

  9. I downloaded the wall paper. Damn nice.

  10. Ohh u went to the winery of my favourite Aus wine - Richmond Grove, it's a pity that they dont do any export...so no chance to have it in Msia

  11. Indeed a worthwhile experience. I would love to visit a winery too in the future!