Farewell Adelaide - Dim Sum and Chocolate Fondue

On my last day in Adelaide, I met up with Jeremy Andrew (who has just graduated the previous weekend before this photo was taken) at Star House for breakfast dim sum.

jeremy and i

And then there was Ms Doreen who's the admin of Uni of South Australia. She's so sweet to extend my student card expiry for me (I was still an active student) so I could get cheap bus fare around Adelaide.

me and jessie and doreen at dim sum
Me, Jessie, Doreen, and and.. er... forgot what's her name :p

Okay, let me tell you a bit about Australian Dim Sum.

Those peeps down there serve the best dim sum in the world. I have tried Dim Sum in some of the most renown places that are best known for their dim sum, like Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai, and yet, despite the magnificence of Hong Kong dim sums, the best was still in Australia. Generic wise (which means by randomly picking any restaurant on the street in Australia, you'll be find the dim sum quality and taste way better than any random restaurant you pick in other countries).

dim sum

If you're ever in Adelaide, I would strongly recommend the Mango Pudding in Star House located in China Town.

mango pudding

This has to be the best Mango Pudding I've ever tried in my life, other than the one in Hong Kong, but that's a whole different sort of mango pudding.

Later that evening, my wonderful readers of Adelaide and I had a little fondue farewell getaway.

chocolate fondue

It made me feel like I'm a student or permanent resident of Adelaide suddenly, instead of a typical traveller or backpacker in Australia. Hanging out with fellow Malaysian students and residents felt pretty much at home.

regina and bf and fondue

group photo

My final reader I met in Adelaide was Regina, a kuchingnite (seriously, they're everywhere) living and working in Adelaide for 8 years now with her Japanese boyfriend (whose name I forgot :p).

regina and bf

This is Regina doing a koala move on her boyfriend. Oh yea... those kinky Australians.

Leaving Adelaide was going hard, having met and hang out with all these wonderful people together for days, I was just reluctant to move onto to the next city.

group photo again

Goodbye Adelaide, I'll be back soon.


13 kissed Nicole

  1. Oh hello Bryan... :P

  2. Hey Nicole,

    Wishing you a Very Merry Chinese New Year and have a bullish year ahead!

  3. i hate u...y do i look so ugly in most of da pictures dat u post...ahhhhhh i want my mummy!!!

  4. Damm..this is so embarrassing...nm nm..post more entries..than nobody will see my face redy...

    btw..STAR HOUSE SUCKS!!! pls change your post and rating...was there yesterday afternoon...will never go there again...

  5. Miss Fabulous~26/1/09 9:01 PM

    hmm... da mango pudding looks tempting... *droolss~ woops! *wipe off my drool..

  6. Jessie..don't act humble k..hahaha..

  7. hey you.. Who's jeremy la. My online name is jerome la... Haha.. Geez feels like a long time ago.

  8. Hey hey who's jeremy la?? Haha. My online name is jerome la...

  9. Eh? Isn't Regina from KK? Hi Regina hehe...

  10. wat laaaaaaaa...where got!!! i really look -.-.....

  11. isnt that taken in UV Apartment? haha..i lived there 2 years ago while studying in Uni of South. looking at the pictures brought back all my sweet memories! yes, i do like the dim sums there as well..:)

  12. there are better dim sum places and mango puddings in adelaide! and hong kong has AWESOME dim sums too! Try out farmhouse in hk and citizen in adelaide. but its just my personal opinion eh. =)

  13. that girl in red in second picture is serena...