Low, lower, lowest!

I love this, I really do.

Nothing beats a good flight fare deal.

Sometimes I really wish that flying can be SO dirt cheap that at the snap of a finger I can be boarding a flight to Sipadan or Sandakan and chill out on beach, say, three hours from now.


But then not all our fathers print money, so we just have to make do with earning a living and saving up for that very special year end trip. In my case, my travels mostly fall in the middle of the year. I just like to travel when no one is, less crowd.


We, however, do have a choice. Now imagine if I were to work for a big corporate company, hold a high position; (okay, you can start laughing now, cause I am; but yes, just imagine) I will be travelling to a lot of places for business. And the good thing about working for a company is that all your travel expenses will be covered.

Oh yea baby. You know what I mean.


I’ll be going for the most expensive hotel, the most expensive restaurants, and most importantly,


Business class flight.

What if you are not important enough to fly business class? Hey, you still can fly on company’s expense and don’t have to book a flight 30 days in advance just to get a cheaper fair, and you can fly to London and back ANYTIME you want. FLEXIBLE dates.

If I were you, I would take few days leave and stay back and fly back on company’s budget. Free trip, free air tickets, and if you’re lucky, free accommodations.

But then I’m not working for a big corporation, do not have a very generous boss and do not have a very big fat bank account.

So I have to be like every backpacker out there (hey I enjoy backpacking, it’s fun and I get to meet many travelers around the world and share experiences with them)


and PLAN (yes I do plan, not often, but beggars can’t be choosers) for my trip so I will know what date I am flying in and out of a destination, hence to obtain the cheapest possible flight fare.

MAS airline is offering this FOUR new fare options where travelers can choose among
MHlow Fares (for me! Yay!),
MHbasic (also for me! Yay! This one can change date in case of emergency),
MHsmart (this is for rich well-off people who don’t want to pay full fare but want to afford missing a flight or two),
MHflex (this is for my business class imaginary self who has no budget constraint whatsoever).

kl to penang
These offers are only available for domestic flights

MAS has now removed domestic fuel surcharge and the All In Fares are cheaper. Check out the reductions!

all in fare

OMG. Speaking of flexible dates, if I could actually recollect all the money I “wasted” on paying for brand new tickets on flights that I’ve missed last year, and let me remind you, three in a year was a lot (twice in the bloody same month!).

missing flight

DAMN IT, how many times does a girl need to lose her flights to prove a point!
(that it’s about time they come out with flexible discounted fare).

I would have saved so much money from all my trips from MHsmart fare.

missing a flight and boarding a flight

That's it! Before I buy any more air tickets, I am going to check out www.malaysiaairlines.com by clicking on their website every day from now on.

psst: I heard another air tickets promo coming up right after CNY, I got my eyes set on going to penang and alor setar in Feb and March, but shhh. Tee hee


9 kissed Nicole

  1. Thanks for the useful tips and fares news...;)

  2. Alor Star? Good! need anybody to pick you up from the airport?... :) my office is just 8minutes away.

    yeah, thanks to the price war between the 2 players (maybe 3)...i've been taking flying more than i've been taking the bus lately...and many more flights to come in 2009.

  3. errr, you sure that is business class seats?? Looks more like first class

  4. Heehee... yup MHLow Fare... I managed to get a couple of tickets during their weekend sale.

    Good deal if you can plan you travel well ahead.


  5. call me if you coming to penang.. will arrange pickup n take you to try good pg food as in exch of all the travel info you had given to us, readers.

  6. Economy down turn now...even people are spending less and hardly think of travelling now....I think economy class will do also la compare to 1st business class air ticket sponsor by company. It's hard time this year.

  7. Time n tides wait for nobody - so buck up girl n be ontime.

  8. the lady's coming over to visit me... back off everyone..!!!

  9. ok i have to ask.. is that you in the pictures? I couldn't recognise you la. :P