“Hey, I want you to listen to this song. NOW.”

What do you do when you are extremely sad?

For me, I listen to music.


I once listen to this sappy song, of which lyrics rhymes in the exact tune of my heart, of how I felt, and GOD, next thing I knew, I broke down and cried like a baby.


It was my first ever heartbreak, it was too much to bear. And for many weeks I felt numb, choking back my tears every single time I came across the littlest thing that would remind me of the past.

But that song broke me into pieces, it sang like it knew me inside out. Every word understood me, it felt like the song was written exactly for me for that moment, and I wailed in despair, in heartbreak, in desperation to let it all out. And I did.

I felt worse after that actually, but it was the start of the journey to recovery.

road to happiness

God if I were to name you the list of my favourite sappy sad emo songs, this entry could be compiled into a book!

And then there are the times when you wish to tell someone you love just how much you love him or her simply because there were no better words to describe a feeling than a song, or a particular song that rings to heart.

Or even the times you wish you can dedicate a song to someone spontaneously because it reminds you of the good times you had. You know, spur of the moment.


I have a lot of those times. Especially during a special moment, when a particular love song feels SO intense, you just want to share it with that special someone, so that he/she could feel how you feel right then.

From this website, I can actually do that, because that someone I want to share this song with is using DIGI line (the recipients have to be DIGI subscribers). It’s like buying a gift for someone, and has it sent to him/her immediately.


Only that this gift comes in the form of tunes and lyrics and it cost RM5 per full track (or less, depends what sort of tunes you are looking for and I just found out the Full Track download is on 50% discount).


Brilliant isn’t it? I mean, phone is the only thing EVERYONE will have it at ALL TIMES. What better device can we send through via with if we want to deliver something real-time. You can send a full track mp3 song, legally, to your love ones or friends through the website, or through WAP on your phone.


Further add on, during this promotion period, you might even get the chance to get your songs dedicated to your love ones from a radio DJ! Watch out for radio programmes on Hitz, Era, My FM and also live performances by DIGI’s on ground Music Squad.

I have yet to find a song that which I can classify as OUR song.

But this song sure brought back a lot of memories!

To you: Remember that first acquaintance, that first road trip, that first glass of wine.
Note at 2:26 min.

To everyone else: Can you relate to this song? If you can, then share with me your experience about it, btw, the song is for you too!

The said song can be purchased from the site. To understand how this system works, you can go here to read more about DIGI Music Telegram.


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Thanks For Your information, I too like hearing songs but at night only.. Anyhow Happy Newyear..

  2. Thank you so much. You know who I am.

  3. (swallowing my own saliva)....The ultimatum NOW "issued" by Nicole.... awrite just kidding....I always like "live" performance of artist singing with guitar & oh yeah "calvin & hobbes" are my favorite comic...

  4. Hmm.. maybe i'm too stoned to understand the connection between the start, middle until the end of this message. Anyway, Happy New Year Nicole, good times will come!

  5. I can't relate to the song, but I like it! Thanks! ^_^