Midnight sins

Sitting here, alone, in the middle of the night, in this gorgeous pink room.



Staying awake.

Thinking of fresh ideas, but the night is eating my brain away. All I can think of is banana cake, no wait, it just randomly switched to Twilight, went to watch Twilight today, God I love vampires.

I really don't mind living forever, irregardless of what anyone says, I have too many things I want to achieve in this lifetime, or the next, and the next. Let me see, there's wanting to become a pilot, fly my own plane, own my own mansion, live in a castle, afford a walk in wardrobe, start a franchise chain of my own, travel the world 10 times over, live in every country for two years as a local resident, learn every language of every country I live in, excel in piano and cello, o.. and harp too, and it has to be learnt in Ireland, become skinny (this will take a long time), learn ball room dancing, etc. Man, by the time I were to achieve all of these, 8 lifetimes would have passed by swiftly.

Afterall, if I really want to die, I'll just chop myself into a billion pieces and burn myself dead.

Ermmm.. my left's foot itchy.

I picked up baking again, every since my uni days in the UK. Baked two banana cakes yesterday, oven's a bit rusty, turned out a bit wrong. They were nice, just... not what I wanted. So I baked another two today, destroyed one, but the other one turned out perfect.

Moist, soft, banana-y, lots of chocolate chips too, sinful as usual. YUM!

I would go out now into the dining hall to take a photo of it to show you, but I would set the alarm off if I were to do that.

Maybe no one will notice that half eaten slice in the morning.

Yep. Ants ate them.


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Oh you MUST show me your masterpiece! I love banana cakes too... *yum*

  2. yeah , future dreaming is just an good idea , to explore our 'mind' --- you will achieve your goal one day , keep 'fighting' in this world- there are still so many thing to discovered ---

    keep it on - life -

  3. "oven's a bit rusty" eh? Sure it wasn't your skills? ;p

  4. banana cakes with choc chips... interesting choice.sinful but tempting. sorry bout this. i'm kevin btw in case you're wondering who tis is. i decided to check out tis blog my friend cindi was recommending to me. turns out you're quite a gifted writer. and fact is, you can never learn everything about tis world or travel them all even if u had all the time in the world so i guess goin vamp aint too shabby afterall. lol. ignore me, i'm gettin random here. neways enjoyed ur blogs on the world. i'd like to visit those places as well. cheers.

  5. Live forever & do all those things but perhaps with a condition???- that the person dearest to your heart's also a "vampire" that lives forever???LOL....But i think this will makes it all more meaningful & beautiful, isn't it??

  6. nicoleee! it's 'regardless' not 'irregardless' :P

  7. I love banana cake...but never had one with chocolate chips before! I've got to ask my mother to put chocolate chips next time... (hehe yeah, I don't bake, she does :P )

  8. If you want to live forever, battle the 'night'. Don't let it eat your brain away without putting up a fight.