Pietro and his Ribena Guinness

Hung out with Pietro and Shawn the other day during the Bride Wars premier at Mid Valley.

me and pietro

Which was btw a must watch if you're a Kate Hudson or Anne Hathaway (or both) fan. I'm definitely Kate's fan. But Anne has the best hot bod any girl would die for. Woot!

I would gladly give my purse, my cuticles, my toe nails, and half the length of my hair for her legs. They are oh my god.

Anyway, back to our night.

One might easily assume that a guy such as the Radio DJ might be all about glamour and up-market style, but Pietro is actually a pretty cool sensitive guy.

pietro talking

After the movie that day, he, Shawn and I proceeded to Irish Pub on the ground floor for a quick drink.

And I learnt from Pietro that Ribena do make Guinness taste much better. It's a pretty good combo. You should try it.

I had Bailey's Cheesecake instead.

baileys cheesecake

Which was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. Bitter, sweet, frozen (cheesecake?), simply... ugh.

Oh yea... everyone remember Shawn?

me and shawn

We first met in Bangkok while I was travelling and him on business trip, had great wet fun during the Songkran festival.

And yes.
He cut his hair.

*all the girls please squeal*

Shawn has always appeared to be this really rugged half shaven dude that seem to have come out from an Indiana Jones movie in his tracksuit and army pants.

And the thing about him, he always has this longer, slightly wavy hair that set out a particular charm. A sort of I-am-a-naughty-boy-and-I-know-you-like-it-you-saucy-minx aura.

This was his photo last year in Langkawi.

flying hair

And there was I always too busy taking photos of something else ignoring his camera advances.

ignoring shawn

But he was always been rather appealing, despite my silence, and everyone else's for that matter, back then.


now... he has become Forest Gump. T_____T

me and shawn

It's ok. We still love you, as long you still join us for diving this year. :D

And then there's me.

shining me

Been experimenting with photoshop new brushes. :D
Hope I am not over-doing it. :p

group photo
Editor of OK! Magazine spotted on the left. What's her name again?


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  2. That 2nd-last pic looks great with the brush effects...you look so angelic ;P

  3. Just to wish you Blessed CNY!!!

  4. Miss Fabulous~26/1/09 9:05 PM

    da bailey's cheesecake looks delicious eh... bailey shud be nice wad... yumms!

    btw~ interesting posts u got! keep it up! =)

  5. her name is jade ahah

  6. Jade! Hi! (again - if u're reading) - keep bumpin into you these few months huh? :P

  7. hmm guiness with ribena. That sounds tasty. Gonna try it with vanilla icecream