Last Dinner in Gold Coast - Hooters Bar

Ever since my first visit to Shanghai's hooters bar, I made it a point to visit every single hooters bar in the world. As long the country has one, I'll be there.

hooters bar in gold coast

So when I landed my arse in Australia, I googled availability of Hooters bar in OZ and found three branches! And one of it, fortunately, is in my first and last stop of Australia trip - Gold Coast.

nicole and hooters bar

Stuart and I decided to drop by this bar for a proper dinner on my last day in Gold Coast before I travel further down south, it's like a first few days' splurge. ;)

hooters glass

Check out my review on the food there here.

Personally I think the Hooters bar in Gold Coast Australia was much better than the one I went to in Shanghai, simply because they live up to the name of Hooters.

hooters girl
Boobies? Check.

And their food was, if I may, idiotically humongous.

tuna steak

fish and chips

I know the photos don't do them justice, but trust me when I say these portions are HUGE. OMG, there was so much food it's enough to feed an Asian family of four.

What's more, the service was great. Because when I realized that my tuna steak of overly done than what I wanted (which was medium rare), I have already finished half my curly fries (yea I prefer to eat fries first before the meat).

I asked them to re-do a steak for me. Instead of taking my plate back into the kitchen like most restaurants do, the Hooters girl asked me to keep my plate, and they'll have a whole brand new dish re-make for me. With the fries and the salads!


We were so stuffed that night I nearly puked.

But it was so gooooood. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE curly fries.

Hey Alvin, Clare, Gerald, we should have a curly fries party soon.

The bill came up to a hefty AUD50+, considering that it was RM3 to AUD 1 when I went there, it was pricey.

hooters receipt

And for a backpacker, that's hefty price for a meal.

But what the heck, it was a good meal.

stuart i love hooters

I love Hooters. Don't you?


7 kissed Nicole

  1. well, i'm kinda new to this...thanks for info-sharing as always :-)

  2. wow! i never knew hooters bar serves such delicious HUGE portions food.. paiseh paiseh

  3. that a nice lookin dish from hooters aus ... believe me nicole, the one in here doesnt look as good as that.
    n the girls - they look like half stoned- just came back from a party- feeling bloated

  4. hey nicole do you actually get income for displaying the google ads? (:

  5. Yaay, Hooter.. One of the interesting place to visit. Sexy bar girl with nice food, who could asked for more????

    Hope they open in KL too... ^^

  6. OMG, that's a Tuna? Look like a steak. I went to Hooters in Singapore before just for a drink. What's the chances of Hooters opening in Malaysia?

  7. Went to the Hooters in sydney and it was an utter dissapointment. It didnt live up to my expectations. The food was terrible, tried their supposedly "world-famous buffalo chicken wings"(yeah right,that's a laughable claim) & some other fried stuff like prawns & fries (as there's nothing much to order from their menu that was tempting to order).Bar food standard I would say, don't even bother with the mains. You'd think that you can't go wrong with fried food, but it was awful. Even the batter was tasteless. To me, this is just like any other fast food joint where their kitchen staff aren't proper chefs and their food aren't that good anyway. To add to these, the hooter girls weren't a hit either. They were the size of Bridget Jones. For a restaurant which gets such hype over their hooter girls, well for the sydney one at least, I'd say what's the big deal. I'd say it'll only be worth your time to have a few drinks and see what's the fuss about, that's it.Was not suprised that the outlet was barely packed too for dinner. Unlike Nicole, I'll not bother to step foot in another hooters ever again, it's overated. Why bother for a sub-standard dining experience when you have so many better choices. Well, that's for Sydney anyway where I dare say this would be one of the worst dinning experience I've had. This place is Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmare worthy to say the least. Just don't go there with high expectations. Treat it as a sports bar and you'd be alright. *went to nando's straight after the meal above to satisfy myself with some palatable food* .