I can type again!

Yay!!! Just removed my pretty nails today, feels soooo good to be able to type at lightning speed again!


No more, typing word by word little by little. I seriously do not know how the other bloggers do it.
(sorry, but yes, this is why I have not been updating my blog as often, being a princess recently)

nail arts
Pretty right?

These were last taken in Skybar where we attended Lionel's sister's birthday gathering last Saturday before my camera went dead for several days.


Why not charge it? Because I have misplaced my camera charger since my stay in Thailand.

That means I have not been actively taking photos (also because I'm lazy) for weeks now, only to realised that it was superbly low on battery last Saturday. -.-

Anyway, found this photo in my batt-dead camera.

life is too short

Oh yea. I Agree!

"Uncle Boris! When are we having wine again?!"


5 kissed Nicole

  1. when i read da first few words,
    i thought it's gonna be life is too short to not enjoy =.=

  2. Woww... What a sexy long fingers you have ;-)

  3. Miss Fabulous~15/1/09 12:30 AM

    woah~ u really got loong fingers... it's really pretty and nice to see that but not the finger nails though... no offense but i dun find it pretty or wad so ever... it looks discusting to me =x

  4. Hate you boss, went dinner with Chris also didn't ask me.

  5. I like that, "Life is too short to drink cheap wine"!