CNY Family Trip

It's been years since I last went on a full family trip to a foreign country.

Oh I had several trips to foreign land with my mom before, more than one occasion. Just three years ago I brought her to Bali and we had a ball at white water rafting. Oh yea, at the age of 61 (58 when she was in Bali with me), my mom still rocks my socks off, and this is her with spinal and joints problem.


In 2004, I brought her (carried her bags too -.-) to Italy and France for a two weeks backpack trip. Going through Milan, cruise through Venice, slept in caravan in Florence and toured through Rome and stole a few shots in the Vatican city. Got our camera stolen in Paris and visited castles in Tour (a city in northen France).

Ate Gelatos three times a day, pizza twice every meal, walked a dozen miles (which she complaint endlessly), walked through the Lourve and ate pâté with baguette till our teeth drop.

Back then she claimed that she must've been the oldest Asian backpacker around (hardly able to find 56 year old mother backpacking with her daughter). I laughed.

Then it was 13 years backward when she brought me to California for a 10 days trip, at the age of 12, the biggest fun I remembered was Disneyland Los Angeles. Riding the waterlog with my mom. It was the most glorious moment in my life, because both of us were (still are) terrified of extreme rides that involved speed + height.

The closest of a family trip we had for the past 15 years (maybe even more) 17 years was my whole family coming up to KL for a night in One World hotel (it was odd for me, seeing that I only needed to drive from Puchong to 1U to check in). Anything further would involve my mom, my brother and me spending Chinese New Year in Guilin, China three years ago.

This year, it's going to be different.

This year, we are all going to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. 5 days 4 nights.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this trip. I have not felt such excitement about travelling in a long time! Not since my first trip to Indo-China last year, but even that one didn't give me such anticipation.

You could say I have been dreaming, for yeeaaarrrrsss, for this very day to come. One whole family of four going on a trip together.

Yes I have been to Hong Kong before. But that's least of the point, I really don't mind where we're going. For all I know we could be in Laos or Bangkok, I don't even mind being the tour guide and show them around (which I am most gladly to) and bring them to the best eateries. The most important thing, we're together, and we're going to be having fun.

Speaking of which. Mom, dad, bro, you are sooo going to die when you try to Hong Kong mango pudding!! And their "lou po beng" (wife cookies) fresh from oven! OMG I can't wait!!!!!

I'll be chanting "Hong Kong" every night from now.


16 kissed Nicole

  1. Now you're making ME excited too! Have a Happy Chinese New Year in Hong Kong my dear! *hugs*

  2. Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong!!! Enjoy yourself ya! :D

  3. enjoy your trip! and eppie chinese new year ;)

  4. Wouldnt it be a lil quiet due to CNy there?

  5. but most shops are closed during CNY right?

  6. Your mum + you must be "gilmore girls version"......


  8. tuk tuk tuk hong kong X10000000

  9. Happy CNY to you, Nicole. Trips with loved ones are the best. Wishing u & family an unforgettable good time!

  10. why going to hongkong during chinese new year ?? all the shops are closed during cny .....

  11. Wonderful..Happy for you!! Happy CNY and have great holiday!!

  12. happy ox new year, nicole!
    and enjoy the trip to Hong Kong Kong...:P

  13. biggest mistake of your travel to go HK at this time of the year...! it'll bore you to death......!

  14. Happy Chinese New(NIU) Year to ALL...

    wish all fatt fatt fatt

  15. Hi Nicole, Happy new year to you and please ignore my email to you asking you about Kenny Sia's email address -I've finally managed to get in touch with him and he's very helpful (just like you).
    :-) Angie

  16. Of all time, you choose to travel to HK during CNY. Being a seasoned traveller, you should know better that this is surely not the right time to be in HK where all the shops would be closed including eateries and what not. Imagine foreigners coming to KL during the CNY where most of the shops would be closed for the celebration !! Therefore, make a detour to some other countries where your holidays would be fruitful and more enjoyable and pleasant.